Formula 1 teams announce launch dates for new models

Formula 1 teams announce launch dates for new models

Like the racing calendar is already set for 2023teams of System 1 set new car launch dates for this season. The last team to announce the day of presentation of its new model was Haas, this Wednesday (1/25).

Each team’s cars will be shown to the public and the press during January 31 and February 16. Shortly after, on the 23rd, the first battery of pre-season tests will take place, in Bahrain.

Haas will be the first to present its prototype, on January 31. Red Bull follows its rival and will make its presentation on February 3, in New York. On the 6th and 11th, Williams and AlphaTauri, respectively, will show their models’ drawings. In between, on the 7th, Alfa Romeo announces its car of the season.

Presentations follow with Aston Martin and McLaren, on the 13th; Ferrari, 14th; Mercedes, the 15th; and Alpine, on the 16th.

Bahrain will host the pre-season battery tests, which will take place between 23 and 25 February.

The 2023 Formula 1 season will begin on March 5 at the Bahrain Grand Prix.

Check out the 2023 car launch calendar

1/31: Haas
3/2: Red Bull
6/2: Williams (color)
7/2: Alfa Romeo
2/11: AlphaTauri (color)
2/13: Aston Martin and McLaren
2/14: Ferrari
2/15: Mercedes
2/16: Alpine