Formula 1: Verstappen gets a Spielberg touch

Formula 1: Verstappen gets a Spielberg touch

Verstappen, who is looking forward to his fifth victory in Spielberg, has made a comeback after being cut twice in Q3 after accidents involving two Mercedes drivers Lewis Hamilton and George Russell in the final attempt after Leclerc and Sainz shortened “Tifosi” seconds before he had dreamed. One-two Ferrari in qualification. Verstappen now leads the field in a race of more than 25 cycles or 100 kilometers on Saturday, ahead of the Grand Prix race of over 71 cycles in the program on Sunday (3 pm, live on ORF1).

“It’s a challenging song. It is easy to make mistakes there. We are satisfied. We have a big car. I will try to get away from the beginning in the sprint. I am confident that we will be able to do that, “said Verstappen, who himself ran very far on the Q1 route and thus lost a quick turnout. The defending champion, who had already won the first of three races at Imola this year, was boosted by an armada fan on the grounds, which covered the sky above the ceiling with orange smoke.

Second-placed Leclerc did not stay long with the analysis and search for the missing 29,000 missing. “Max managed his thigh better,” Monegasque said and disappeared on the paddock side. His colleague Sainz, on the other hand, was confident: “It is very close. We can still be content. It was not easy because the tires were cold after the red flag. It was not easy to steer the car into a corner. However, the qualification was optimistic. ”

Perez was sent off as a penalty

Red Bull driver Sergio Perez was fourth in the qualification, but the Mexican was transferred to 13th place on Friday evening because he had exceeded the limit of his last Q2 round, but his error was discovered late.

Double out with silver arrows

The two Mercedes drivers caused shocking moments in qualifying. First, about 5:30 minutes before the end of the session, Hamilton lost control of his Mercedes car in front of a large orange-covered building and crashed into the sidewalk. After apologizing to his pit workers (“I’m sorry I broke the car”), the Englishman climbed out of his damaged car without being injured. Like Hamilton’s supporters in Silverstone, Verstappen fans were outraged by the ugliness of their enemy’s image, but did not necessarily claim to be the winner of the fair game.

Hamilton lost in Q3

The seven-time world champion loses control as he spins toward a fast rotation and hits a tire wall

Three minutes after the resumption of qualification, Russell was also forced to apologize to pit workers for overtime shifts at night. The 24-year-old jumped the path to the last corner and also hit the tire wall hard. Red Bull fans were able to cheer again, and the qualification had to be temporarily interrupted to save the wreckage of Russell’s crashed car.

Reuters / Florion Goga

After that severe impact, Hamilton was able to climb out of his car after a short breath

Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff did not blame his two drivers for the accident twice in an ORF interview. “Both drivers were looking for a limit. Lewis has seen that he can fight back. You go through it one after the other,” Viennese said in an interview with Marc Wurzinger. Despite starting fourth (Russell) and ninth (Hamilton), Wolff is confident about the upcoming race: “But I’m glad the car is going well. Now let’s see what can come from the sprint. If we can get off to a good start we can definitely climb a few places on Sunday. ”

Joy and sorrow in the German camp

Mick Schumacher confirmed how encouraging the first World Cup points would be. The German Haas driver qualified again in Q3 and eventually finished seventh on the grid with 25 rounds on Saturday – also thanks to the Mercedes crash. However, Schumacher’s leadership over the cut was not significant. Only 9,000 people separated the 23-year-old and his successor Pierre Gasly. The Frenchman also climbed out of his Alpha Tauri, frustrated.

The qualification did not go according to the plan of war horses Daniel Ricciardo and Sebastian Vettel as well as Zhou Guanyu. The Australian and German, once co-stars at Red Bull, were left behind in their McLaren and Aston Martin respectively in the First Tournament, as did the Chinese at Alfa Romeo. Zhou still managed to feel like a winner as he returned to the field less than a week after his tragic accident in Silverstone. And after all, Zhou is also ahead of Vettel: the four-time world champion starts in the race from last place.

Austrian Grand Prix in Spielberg

Final results after Q3:
1. Max Verstappen HAJA red cow 1: 04.984
2. Charles Leclerc MON Ferrari 1: 05.013
3. Carlos Sainz ESP Ferrari 1: 05.066
4. Sergio Perez * MEX red cow 1: 05.404
5. George Russell ** GBR Mercedes 1: 05.431
6. Esteban Ocon FRA Alpine 1: 05.726
7. Kevin Magussen THE haas 1: 05.879
of 8. Mike Schumacher ENG haas 1: 06.011
9. Fernando Alonso ESP Alpine 1: 06.103
10 Lewis Hamilton ** GBR Mercedes 1: 13.151
Out in Q2:
11. Pierre Gasly FRA Alpha Tauri 1: 06,160
12. Alexander Albon Tha Williams 1: 06,230
13. Valtteri Bottas FIN Alfa Romeo 1: 06.319
14 Yuki Tsido JPN Alpha Tauri 1: 06.851
15 Lando Norris GBR McLaren 1: 25,847
Out in Q1:
16 Daniel Ricciardo JUST McLaren 1: 06.613
17 Lance Walk IT CAN Aston-Martin 1: 06,847
18 Zhou Guanyu CHN Alfa Romeo 1: 06.901
19 Nicholas Latifi IT CAN Williams 1: 07.003
20 Sebastian Vettel ENG Aston-Martin 1: 07.083

* Restored to starting position 13
** Accident in Q3

Sprint start grid:
1. Max Verstappen HAJA red cow
2. Charles Leclerc MON Ferrari
3. Carlos Sainz ESP Ferrari
4. George Russell GBR Mercedes
5. Esteban Ocon FRA Alpine
6. Kevin Magussen THE haas
7. Mike Schumacher ENG haas
of 8. Fernando Alonso ESP Alpine
9. Lewis Hamilton GBR Mercedes
10 Pierre Gasly FRA Alpha Tauri
11. Alexander Albon Tha Williams
12. Valtteri Bottas FIN Alfa Romeo
13. Sergio Perez MEX red cow
14 Yuki Tsido JPN Alpha Tauri
15 Lando Norris GBR McLaren
16 Daniel Ricciardo JUST McLaren
17 Lance Walk IT CAN Aston-Martin
18 Zhou Guanyu CHN Alfa Romeo
19 Nicholas Latifi IT CAN Williams
20 Sebastian Vettel ENG Aston-Martin