Formula 1 was sold for 2.3 million euros!

Formula 1 was sold for 2.3 million euros!

Two figures are noteworthy at the end of the second edition of Prestige Auto Beaune: 19,176 which corresponds to the number of entries and 2.3 million euros for the sale of the Formula 1 shown at the show.

In 2001, David Coulthard won the Austrian Grand Prix with this Formula 1 McLaren Mercedes V10. © Florian Meuret

The noise has not subsided when he is already thinking about the next version. Between tearing down and filling half a trailer, Serge Bierry comes to receive many encouraging calls. One of them, in particular, gives him a picture of a serious, very serious image in 2024, for the third edition of Prestige Auto Beaune. But shh, it’s still a secret…

This weekend was, it’s true, a sight of madness. The number of visitors already proves this. 19,176, more or less than the expected record. On May 21, Dominique Chapatte and the M6 ​​​​Turbo team, who started the trip to Beaune, will release 8 small sets of 3 minutes recorded in the middle of the famous storm, within the framework of the Palais des Congrès. With a promise to return to Burgundy.

A watch for 40,000 euros

This madness took over the auction. The sold F1 – McLaren Mercedes V10 driven by Englishman David Coulthard in 2001 – broke the heart (and wallet) of a Swiss fan, who put 2.3 million euros on the table by taking the car to a neutral venue. ” It was crazy everywhere », Confirms Serge Biery, « at 9:45 pm on Saturday evening, less than a quarter of an hour from closing time, the unique watch was sold for less than 40,000 euros! »

Prestige auto Beaune, a popular destination event, also generates business. Real business, as suggested by other information circulating on negotiations that have been completed or are in progress. Ari Vatanen, meanwhile, lived this great weekend from start to finish, at full speed. Elegant, available, curious about everything, the Finnish driver came out in front of the public, as an accessible reminder of the car dream. Prestige Auto Beaune 2 is no more, Prestige Auto Beaune 3 already promises to climb even higher in the towers.