Formula 1: What?  The hammer is coming – an F1 star about to leave?

Formula 1: What? The hammer is coming – an F1 star about to leave?

Lance Stroll has been racing in Formula 1 for almost seven years. At the age of 19, Stroll started racing for the Williams racing team. When his father bought the Racing Point team (today: Aston Martin), he continued there. Now there should be speculation about Stroll’s future – the departure could be a big surprise!

There is no question that Lance Stroll’s Formula 1 career would have been difficult without his father Lawrence. Lawrence Stroll is a billionaire, co-owner of Aston Martin and his son’s biggest supporter (financially). For this reason, Lance Stroll’s future in Formula 1 has never been discussed. Now the statements of the 25-year-old make people sit back and take care!

Formula 1: Stroll’s future is not yet official

Asked about his future, Stroll said ahead of next weekend’s race in Shanghai: “We’ll see. I’m only thinking about China right now and we’ll see what the future brings.” Aston Martin’s open commitment seems different. But perhaps the team is also not satisfied with Stroll’s performance. Rumors are circulating around the Chinese Grand Prix that Aston Martin may reassess its status quo. .

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In addition, the Canadian’s contract status is unknown. While team-mate Alonso recently extended his contract until the end of 2026 despite being 42 years old, the status of Stroll’s contract is unclear. A rare event in Formula 1, which shows what a special status the 25-year-old has in the team because of his father.

Stroll’s focus is on China

At the same time, Stroll has not considered his contractual situation: “This weekend the target is China.” However, it is generally expected that the Canadian will also be in the car next season.

However, the cards can be replaced by 2026 at the latest. Honda enters the market as an engine manufacturer. So the Japanese manufacturer will have a voice in the future. Then the Stroll driver’s chair can also be shaken.