Fortunately, Subaru is coming up with a meeting icon again

Fortunately, Subaru is coming up with a meeting icon again

Good news for Subaru fans: the brand will introduce a new WRX in 2022. It’s surprising, because they don’t reveal much about it.

Well, the big part of the “new rally icon,” as Subaru labels the new WRX, we haven’t seen yet. The Japanese also do not provide any additional information about the car. We see a few lines here and there through a few rays of sunlight shining on the car, which already gives an idea of ​​what to expect.

A known air craft

The first thing that stands out is the familiar air scoop on the hood, as we also know it from the current and outgoing WRX STi. The interplay of lines is also partially consistent with the outgoing model, but it is still unclear what basis Subaru will take for this WRX. We don’t see a big wing on the back, but it will most likely be available again.

Subaru promises to launch the car in full later this year, with the slogan ‘new WRX coming soon, it will take your breath away’. In addition, the Japanese already indicate that the car is ‘powerful, agile and completely redesigned’. In short, expectations are high.

Subaru Impreza

Especially if it wants to live up to the WRX name. This WRX is inspired by the very popular Impreza, which will be remembered by young and old. With rally legends like Colin McRae and later Petter Solberg behind the wheel of the blue and yellow luxury car with gold wheels, Subaru won the hearts of rally fans around the world. Not only that: Subaru was also a very successful player in the rally world. Some styling cues from the Impreza 555 and Impreza WRC can be found in the street-legal WRX STi, which the brand updated a few years ago.

Strong enough

Now the WRX name is coming back and Subaru is building high expectations with it. It is likely that the new WRX will be similar to the WRX STi, a four-wheel drive sedan. If it is also comparable under the hood – and maybe a little better – then the car is waiting to be enjoyed.

The 4.6-meter-long WRX STi was powered by a 2.5-liter four-cylinder boxer engine, good for 300 hp and 407 Nm. But there were also more powerful versions in the world. Subaru also created a TC 380 variant a while ago with, yes, 380 hp. Therefore, it is expected that the new WRX will break the mark of 400 hp,

Is the new Subaru WRX coming to Europe?

Whether this Subaru will find its way to Europe is perhaps the biggest question. The brand previously decided not to export the new BRZ to continental Europe. The reason for this was very low sales numbers, while the costs of type approval in Europe were high. In addition, the car has a negative impact on the average CO2 value of the Japanese brand due to its power. The reason European importers are grateful for the coupe.

Yet the company seems to be hinting that this WRX won’t be coming to Europe either. The automaker has not shared this item of information about the WRX on its European website, only on its international channels. We may have to wait until 2022 for a definitive answer.

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