Forza Horizon Playlists Week 5 19 2022 – Roles, Gifts and Requirements

Forza Horizon Playlists Week 5 19 2022 – Roles, Gifts and Requirements

May 12, 2022

Season series and Gifts (Winter | Kivu Season)

7th Gift Series:

  • 2020 Ferrari SF90 Stradale, 80 points (NEW)
  • 2010 Ferrari 599 GTO, 160 points

Winter Gifts:

  • Ferrari 512TR, 20 points (NEW)
  • 2015 MG MG3, 40 points

Check out this Mexican Supercar Weekly Forzathon guide and Daily Challenges. – 5 points

Do you need help using Unlock Codes? Here you will find a lot of useful information about how these principles work and how to apply them, some of which you can find in the following post.

EventLab has been causing problems since the previous series. The bug also appears to be present in the new layer. According to the report, old works also help here.

If you are playing on the Xbox, a restart of the console is usually sufficient. If this is not enough, disconnect your device for one minute and try again.

If you are playing on a PC, you should delete temporary files. Here you go as follows: C> Users> Your User> AppData> Local> Temp> Turn10Temp.scratch. Now delete the first two files of the EventLab bin (SeasonalEventLabCache00.bin and 01.bin). If this is not enough, you will also search for the remaining files of the EventLab bin. Now you should be able to start EventLab on Computer.


Danger Sign – Mulegé Hill

  • Requirements: 140 Meters, C 600, Hot Hatch group car
  • Gifts: Super wheelspin
  • Car suggestions: 2003 Volkswagen Golf R32 (137 256 482), 2009 MINI John Cooper Works (627 946 486)
  • Notes: It starts north. You can still go behind the autobahn and you will even have to do it, depending on the car. You have air to the back of the rock formation. Set the PR Stunt as your goal, drive the highway in a straightforward and imaginative way on the dirt road there. If possible, do not take any items such as cacti with you, they cost you time.
  • Marks: 2

Speed ​​camera location – Atlantes de Tula

  • Requirements: 281.6 km / h, S2 998, Mercedes-Benz brand car
  • Gifts: Super wheelspin
  • Car suggestions: 1998 Mercedes-Benz AMG CLK GTR Forza Edition (162 773 515)
  • Notes: It starts in the east. You must run the area “hopefully”, ie take a little risk. You should enter at the target speed if possible and run the curves at high speed. Or do not break it at all and cut it if necessary, or reduce the gas slightly.
  • Marks: 2

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