Foxconn launches Foxtron Model B and Model V

Foxconn launches Foxtron Model B and Model V

Electronics manufacturer Foxconn now also makes electric cars and does so under the name Foxtron. The brand now offers two new models: Model B and Model V, hatchback and pick-up. In addition, it will show the world the production-ready Model C, which will roll off the production line in Taiwan starting next year.

While we previously expected Foxconn cars to hit the market under a different banner, it now appears that the manufacturer’s own label – ‘Foxtron’ – will also be seen on the road. The name appears on the production version of the Model C, which Foxconn is bringing to Hon Hai Tech Day. It is an annual exhibition that Foxconn – known as Hon Hai Technology Group – is now hosting for the third time. Last year it presented the Model C, Model E and Model T, the last of which is an electric city bus. It is now adding the Model B and Model V to its portfolio.

ID3 format EV

Foxtron Model B is a 4.3 meter long hatchback in the spirit of MG 4 Electric and Volkswagen ID3. The car stands on a shortened version of the Model C platform, it is aerodynamically efficient with a Cd value of 0.26 and should therefore be able to reach a distance of 450 kilometers per battery charge. As an upgrade, the Model C, which shares its underpinnings with the B, is a seven-seat mid-size SUV with a claimed range of 700km.

The production version of the Model C also carries the Foxtron brand name on its nose.

In addition to the hatchback, Foxconn offers the Foxtron Model V, an electric pick-up with a maximum weight of 3,000 kg and a double cab. This car should ensure that the Taiwanese market can not only turn to Foxtron for passenger cars, but also for company transportation. The brand is also interested in selling cars in other areas than just the domestic market. Whether it will also do so under the Foxtron name remains to be seen. Another big news from Foxconn lies in the further realization of its CDMS business model.

Models themselves are not basic business

CDMS manages Contract Design and Manufacturing Service. It should be the main unit of Foxconn, where the company will design and manufacture cars for other car products. It is taking the first step to enable this with its new HHEV.OS software platform. With its help, the manufacturer makes it easy to create many different models, without developing completely different platforms for each new model.

So you can count on electric cars with Foxconn technology to drive in no time – also on European roads. If only because of the many partnerships the brand has entered into in the past. Model C, which will soon go into production, will not come to Europe. However, the brand will soon start shipping in its home country of Taiwan. The first Foxtrons will be sent on the road there next year.

Foxtron Model B and Model V

Model V (pickup) and Model B, which are somewhat similar in size and overall shape to the Volkswagen ID3 and MG 4 Electric.