France 2 filmed from its latest series at this famous hotel in Cap d’Antibes

France 2 filmed from its latest series at this famous hotel in Cap d’Antibes

Two men parked in a gray Opel on Boulevard Edouard-Baudoin. The camera, mounted on the rail, goes into the passenger compartment. “La Peste” invites itself to Belles-Rives.

This Tuesday morning, the cameras of France 2 invested the legendary hotel of Juan-les-Pins to film the futuristic series, inspired by the novel of Albert Camus. And some scenes were filmed outside for the amusement of a few viewers. “Oh, you saw the way he moves the camera, that’s how they film, smiles at the curious passerby. ” Ah! But I tell you, it is actor Hugo Becker passenger “, assures the serial expert.” She starred in Gossip Girl and I Promise…

An event in La Gravette?

In La Peste, he plays journalist Sylvain Rambert and responds to Frédéric Pierrot – who plays Doctor Rieux, Pascale Arbillot (in the role of Juliette Rieux) but also Sofia Essaïdi (as Laurence Molinnier). Created and written by Gilles Taurand and Georges-Marc Benamou (former writer of the series Good morning), directed by Antoine Garceau (Ten percent Or Greek salad), this adaptation of one of the most widely read novels in the world is shot mostly in the south of France. After Aix-en-Provence, Marseille, the team will soon set its cameras in Nice. They just stopped near the city of Remparts. Earlier, the scene at Gravette beach was also supposed to be shot. Finally, it was just in front of the old house of Francis Scott Fitzgerald that the stop in Antibes took place. The series, which will air in 2024, takes the cast into… 2029 [le livre est paru en 1947]. France has just come out of Covid, here comes a new variant of the plague bacillus called YP2. So the government decides to freeze a fake city in the south of France, and it will start the mysterious Plan D.

In the novel, the plague is on a completely different level of dangerexplained in Nice-Matin Georges-Marc Benamou. It is he who will recognize the behavior. We wanted to honor the spirit of Camus in our time, inspired by the current American or French series. Camus himself said that the main enemy of his book was tragedy because it is the enemy of dramaturgy. The series will have, in addition to the philosophical nature of the novel, action scenes and new characters, mainly female.

It will be discovered in France 2, next year.