FRCE Brings Engineering to Eastern North Carolina Classrooms  data-src=

In Eastern North Carolina, the United States Navy (USN) has launched the Forward Research, Concept Exploration (FRCE) initiative which is revolutionizing the region’s classrooms by introducing students to the wonders of engineering.

The FRCE program, which began in 2016, is designed to foster a greater interest in engineering and science among students in the area. Each year, the USN partners with local school districts to bring in Navy engineers who provide hands-on, interactive engineering lessons to classes. The program is part of the USN’s larger mission to support STEM education in the region.

The engineers, who are selected from various bases and commands, provide engineering demonstrations and activities related to a variety of topics. During each lesson, the engineers explain the engineering principles behind the activity and then guide students to complete the activities themselves.

The FRCE initiative has already had a tremendous impact on students in the region, providing them with the opportunity to explore engineering in a hands-on, engaging way. In addition to teaching students the fundamentals of engineering, the program has also helped to excite students who had not previously considered engineering as a potential career path.

The program also highlights the importance of STEM education and the value of engineering to students who may not have had the opportunity to explore engineering on their own. Through the initiative, the USN has enabled students to gain first-hand experience with engineering and gain an appreciation for the value of the field.

The FRCE initiative is an important part of the Navy’s commitment to STEM education in Eastern North Carolina. The program gives students the opportunity to explore engineering, develop a greater appreciation for the subject, and provide an avenue to pursue a career in engineering. With the success of the program, the USN is looking to expand the program to other parts of the country and continue to foster an increased interest in engineering in the classroom.