Fredericton hits four-year high for impaired driving-related offences

Fredericton hits four-year high for impaired driving-related offences

Fredericton, New Brunswick – Last year saw a four-year high in impaired driving-related offences in Fredericton, with a total of 106 incidents reported by police.

The alarming statistic was revealed in the Fredericton Police Force’s 2018 annual report, which was released on Monday.

In 2017, the city saw a total of 97 impaired driving-related offences, which is nearly double the number reported in 2014, when just 54 cases were reported.

The report also revealed that in 2018, police responded to a total of 2,280 calls for service related to impaired driving, which is a 10 percent increase from 2017.

The Fredericton Police Force has taken a proactive approach to combatting impaired driving in the city. In 2018, the force conducted 14 impaired driving check stops, which resulted in the arrest of five people for impaired driving.

The force also conducted several public education campaigns throughout the year to remind citizens of the dangers of impaired driving.

In addition, the Fredericton Police Force has been utilizing the latest technology to help them in their efforts to reduce impaired driving. In 2018, the force acquired two drug recognition experts (DREs) to help police officers detect drug-impaired drivers.

The Fredericton Police Force is committed to ensuring the safety of its citizens and is determined to reduce the number of impaired driving-related incidents in the city.

The force is urging citizens to be mindful of their behaviour when it comes to drinking and driving and to always have a designated driver when they plan to consume alcohol.

The Fredericton Police Force is also encouraging citizens to report any suspected impaired drivers to 911.

The force is sending a clear message to all citizens: impaired driving is a serious offence and it will not be tolerated. Impaired driving is a preventable crime and all citizens have a responsibility to make sure that they are not contributing to this dangerous trend.