Friday Italian GP 2022 |  De Vries enters his first F1 weekend;  Ferrari for Verstappen

Friday Italian GP 2022 | De Vries enters his first F1 weekend; Ferrari for Verstappen

Formula 1’s winter break has been going on for some time and that means fans of the sport won’t have to wait too long for the next Grand Prix. However, the first class of motorsport had another interesting season with great races, controversies and political games. F1 Max accompanies you on the most exciting Grand Prix weekends of 2022 in the long period without a Formula 1 race. This edition focuses on the Friday of the Italian Grand Prix.

A week after the Belgian Grand Prix, they were already in Italy for the sixteenth race of the season. Max Verstappen now had a huge lead over Charles Leclerc, just like Red Bull Racing against Ferrari. The championship no longer seemed at risk for the Italians, but the home match is a competition in itself for the Italians. Solid and it had to be found.

Ferrari’s chances of victory increased on Friday when Verstappen was announced he had to collect a grid penalty due to changes in engine parts. It was like Spa-Francorchamps, but the Red Bull driver managed to win the race. So a victory for Ferrari at home was not certain.

Ferrari starts from the starting blocks, De Vries starts from Aston Martin

It’s time for the first free practice sessions. Ferrari actually left Monza with a one-two finish for Leclerc and Carlos Sainz respectively. George Russell and Lewis Hamilton followed in three and four tenths, while Verstappen was fifth. It was also a session attended by Nyck de Vries on behalf of Aston Martin, who still did not know what to expect on Saturday. The Dutchman was nineteen years old.

In the second free practice it was again Ferrari who finished first, but this time Sainz was the fastest driver. Leclerc had to settle for third place, almost a tenth behind. Verstappen was between the two reds in the standings, less than a tenth and a half from Sainz. Lando Norris surprised with fourth place, ahead of George Russell, Lewis Hamilton and Sergio Pérez.

The gap between Verstappen and Pérez ‘doesn’t matter’, Sainz is satisfied

Later, it was surprising that Pérez was weak compared to his counterpart. Team boss Christian Horner wasn’t worried about that yet. We’re a little out of sync. But the difference between them is small. We also need to keep thinking about the budget so that we can give both riders a new plan in the coming races. What Laughter loses on the floor, wins in other areas. In the end, it’s less than ten.

Verstappen especially saw Ferrari making a good impression. Not surprisingly, Leclerc and Sainz led in both sessions. “They look good. I’m not worried about that, but we still have some things to finish. If you look at the long distance, I think we’re doing well, which is more important for the race.”

Sainz was not happy with the first day of matches in Italy. “Today we did not expect this result, but the car was better. The lap times came in easily so that was a nice surprise. This doesn’t mean we are the fastest, I don’t think so at all, especially if you look at the long distance, but we are definitely closer than expected.