Friedrichshafen: From Rolls-Royce Power Systems to EnBW?  Andreas Schell is expected to be the new boss of the energy company

Friedrichshafen: From Rolls-Royce Power Systems to EnBW? Andreas Schell is expected to be the new boss of the energy company

Karlsruhe energy group EnBW will soon be managed by Andreas Schell, former boss of the giant engine manufacturer Rolls-Royce Power Systems (RRPS) headquartered in Friedrichshafen. The German press agency learned this on Tuesday from the circles of the EnBW management board. The 52-year-old manager will inherit the reins of Frank Mastiaux, who, as already announced, will leave Germany’s third-largest organization at the end of September after ten years.

RRPS does not comment on employees

In the search committee of the management board, the two main shareholders, the state of Baden-Württemberg and the municipal special purpose association Oberschwaebische Elektrizitätswerke (OEW), have already agreed on Schell, dpa learned. On Thursday, the management board should officially decide on the employees, which is considered official. The chairman of the board of management of EnBW, Lutz Feldmann and Rolls-Royce Power Systems did not want to comment on the employees on request.

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RRPS boss Andreas Schell relies on the continuous motivation and team spirit of his approximately 6000 employees in Germany.

Schell has been head of Rolls-Royce Power Systems for five years. In January, his contract was extended early until 2025. The mechanical engineer worked for the then-Daimler Chrysler Group in the 2000s and was tasked with reshaping the American automaker. After Chrysler went bankrupt in 2009, Schell moved to former American aerospace group UTC, where he was responsible for digital strategy.

Schell is the boss of nearly 9,000 employees

At Rolls-Royce Power Systems he is the boss of nearly 9,000 employees. Under the MTU brand, the company sells engines and propulsion systems for marine, power generation, heavy land and rail vehicles, military vehicles and to the oil and gas industry. Since the April 2021 design reform, one division has been fully dealing with climate-friendly products such as hydrogen drives.

Schell is an endurance athlete: the 52-year-old describes himself as an avid runner. In EnBW he always has to deal with political influence. The company has been publicly owned since 2011. The state of Baden-Württemberg holds about 47 percent of the group and the OEW consortium of nine Upper Swabian districts also owns about 47 percent. The districts of Alb-Donau, Biberach, Lake Constance, Freudenstadt, Ravensburg, Reutlingen, Rottweil, Sigmaringen and Zollernalb are represented in the association.