from 600 Schumacher to A-Class Hakkinen

from 600 Schumacher to A-Class Hakkinen

In recent history, car manufacturers have made special editions of some of their cars is dedicated to Formula 1 drivers. The peculiarity is that these are cars, with all due respect, very slow compared to the speed that the great champions we are about to list are used to.

The most exemplary case is that of Michael Schumacher, the unwilling protagonist of a surprising interview with AI, and who during his successful relationship with Ferrari, and therefore with Fiat, saw an appearance. his name on two cars of Turin car manufacturers.

The first case is that of snappy and agile Fiat Seicento Sporting which in 2001 was precisely produced in a special edition dedicated to the 7-time Formula 1 world champion. Compared to the regular Sporting, the car had a chromed gearbox, a decal with Schumi’s signature, and a number on the passenger door. Unfortunately the engine was a Horse power 1.1-liter 54.

Schumacher was the second Fiat signing Styluswhich had a more powerful engine, a 2.4 liters of 170 horsepoweralong with several exterior modifications that made the Segmento B of the house of Fiat undoubtedly more aggressive.

Also Finnish champion Mika Hakkinen saw dedication motor, just the H√§kkinen’s version of the McLaren-Mercedes A-Class. The little German was shown during the 1998 Essen Motor Show, and featured a special advertising version with lots of red detailing, the Finnish flag and the driver’s signature. The engines were the usual Class A, read a 1.6 liter petrol with 101 HP and 150 Nm of torque: only 125 units were produced.

Another Italian experience isAlfa Romeo Spider dedicated to Niki Lauda. After a terrible accident at the Nurburgring, a circuit that banned cars with a speed of less than 130 km / h, the Austrian won the world championship three times, and in 1978 the Arese company decided to dedicate to him a two-person seat. the power of 110 horsepower.

We close with a car that is not known to many even in its original version, read on Chevrolet Celta Piquet, also sold under the name Suzuki Fun in Argentina. The model was made specifically for the Latin American market and boasts 70 horses on the 1.0 liter engine, with cosmetic upgrades.