From authority to superpower: Volvo Penta presents the new professional IPS platform

From authority to superpower: Volvo Penta presents the new professional IPS platform

We introduced Volvo Penta’s new professional Onboard Performance System (IPS) platform, the next fully integrated evolution from helm to cockpit. Available from 2025, this ground-breaking innovation provides unparalleled comfort, performance and sustainability for a new class of ocean-going vessels.

Based on the revolutionary efficiency of Volvo Penta IPS, this new platform promises a powerful and flexible solution for professional yachts and superyachts from 25 to 55+ meters with top speeds from 12 to 40 knots. A new, large and versatile package more Volvo Penta IPS is a true piece of advanced engineering, prepared for a wide range of power sources, but also with a new level of advanced support and innovative features.

“Our passion, experience and history of proven results with Volvo Penta IPS are an important part of our continuous technological development, with the aim of reaching new heights with this new professional platform,” says Johan Inden, president of the marine sector at Volvo Penta . . A new star is emerging in our lineup, where we hope to bring our signature helm experience to a brand new type of ship. It is designed to enhance our high standards – for high performance, efficiency, flexibility – and a people-centric approach.”

The professional Volvo Penta IPS system introduces a new level of premium for sustainable use. It features the largest and most powerful platform in the Volvo Penta IPS range, including the new large marine transmission, the Volvo Penta IPS 40. The new transmission is designed with a two-power introduction concept, which manages the water feed more efficiently, but also serves as an important enabler to use different combinations of energy sources.

Starting with series production in 2025, the new Volvo Penta IPS 40 supply will be powered by two Volvo Penta D13 engines, as well as a compact after-treatment system to meet the latest IMO Tier III standards. But the platform is already designed for a combination of energy sources; from combustion engines powered by renewable energy to fully electric or hybrid solutions. The dual power input design provides flexibility and versatility in a more sustainable ride. The new professional Volvo Penta IPS system is installed as a twin, triple or quadruple, meaning that each vessel will have 4 to 8 power sources. The complete package, from rudder to tiller, is designed, tested and serviced by one integrator: Volvo Penta.

Volvo Penta IPS has provided a unique and unparalleled experience for a wide range of pleasure and professional yachts, with almost 20 years of proven use and over 36,000 units delivered. The system’s unprecedented drive and forward motion have resulted in significant gains in efficiency, with up to 40% longer cruising range, 20% higher speed and acceleration, compared to conventional inboard installations. The new professional Volvo Penta IPS platform builds on this legacy and continues to push the boundaries of innovation, efficiency and sustainability, now for a new type of vessel.

The propulsion package is compact and spaced. This creates more space on board for rest, productivity, crew and cargo. Thanks to the suspension design and integrated exhaust system, the platform provides exceptional comfort on board while ensuring low levels of noise and vibration. Volvo Penta IPS offers up to 50% reduction in perceived noise.

The new professional Volvo Penta IPS system is type certified and designed for heavy commercial use. It is expected to save up to 30% in fuel consumption and emissions compared to conventional indoor installations. Through new efficiency-oriented functions, the system can automatically start and stop the engine according to the power required for each situation, improving fuel consumption and engine operating hours, thereby increasing service and maintenance time.

The Volvo Penta IPS professional experience includes a high level of service and support, from the steering wheel to the planning board. Backed by its worldwide authorized service network, Volvo Penta will provide global parts availability and 24/7 customer support. Advanced connectivity will enable predictable maintenance, remote diagnostics and remote software downloads, all contributing to higher levels of support and increased uptime.

Volvo Penta is conducting in-house development research to ensure deep water testing, using its high-speed passenger test vessel, which is strategically located near its marine test facility in Gothenburg, Sweden. Rigorous testing is underway to ensure the durability and performance of the propulsion package, with field trials in an offshore energy personnel transfer vessel serving as the next step towards delivery expected in 2025.

“The new Volvo Penta IPS is a powerful platform that will provide the best experience from the helm to the propeller. It builds on Volvo Penta’s rich tradition of forward-thinking design that puts people at the center – says Johan -. We are eager to expand this platform to an entirely new class of professional marine components while enabling the transition towards greater sustainability at sea. It’s an exciting time for the marine industry and we believe our new Volvo Penta IPS professional platform will be the next revolution.”