From Kia to Renault, from Maybach to Togg: flash

From Kia to Renault, from Maybach to Togg: flash

From Kia to Renault, from Maybach to Togg: a week in 4 flashes. From the Korean house that unveils the EV9 and from the French brand in the full development of the R5.

From Kia to Renault…/ The Korean brand launches the EV9

The Korean house of the Hyundai group promises “fourth generation batteries” for this super-SUV come the end of the year, and”a wide choice of electrical pumping systems”. Battery out 99.8 kWh instead it will be normal, placed on a Rear wheel driveRWD than that a four wheel drive (AWD). The first one will have an electric motor 150 kW/350Nm, which, according to preliminary data, results in EV9 from 0 to 100 km/h in 9.4 inches. AWD, on the other hand, will have two electric motors that together provide power 283 kW and a pair of 600Nmwith 0-100 inches per hour 6.0″. Together with to add The torque reaches 700 Nm and when accelerating to 100 km / h it drops to 5.3″. Adding is optional. As for freedom, a wider variety is guaranteed by the RWD version, lighter and with 19-inch tires: we have crossed the limits. 541 kilometers WLTP extension. With the possibility to recover 239 kilometers of travel in 15 minutes, using a fast recharge of 800 Volt.

From Kia to Renault: R5 development in final stage, production costs -30% on Zoe

Five prototypes of the new electric R 5 are currently underway for the ultimate test of endurance and progress. With overwhelming evidence ice and snow in Arvidsjaur in Sweden, and in Renault’s technical centers of Lardy, near Paris, and Aubevoye in Normandy. The whole project is characterized by great simplicity, in order to reduce the final costs as much as possible. Renault 5 is known to have only four large modules in the battery compartment. AND Delphine DeAndria, responsible for product development in the B-EV segment, gave the first indications on the price lists: “It is too early to give final prices“, he said. “But our goal is the price to be ilower than all major competitors, definitely under Zoe“. Compared to the latter, in a sales crisis and currently not very competitive, Renault is talking about production costs. 30% down (Zoe leaves from 33,500 euros, a little bonus). Delivery of the R5 is planned for the end of the year, now Renault have put it online information on the CMF-B EV technical platform and on the vehicle body.

Here comes the Maybach 680, something else for billionaires

The top brand of the Mercedes family, Maybach, is about to launch its first electric model. And it will, of course, in China, the market that has now become car paradise for billionaires. It is called EQS 680 and will be officially launched on April 17 at Shanghai salon, kermesse in which the launch of at least new electronic things is expected. The EQS 680 is the result of a long gestation process: already 5 years ago the first model was presented, equipped. 4 parallel permanent magnet motors, one on each wheel. By the power of 750 hp and electronic maximum speed limiter 250km/h. But the period of five years is a very long time in the electricity sector and at the same time the technology has improved a lot, to the point that different technical data are expected.Too many Turkish Togg SUV orders, the drawer is on

Lots of orders, sweepstakes for Togg customers

Wonderful news is coming from Turkey. Internal brand Togg opened on March 16 orders for it SUV T10X electric, and claims to harvest within 10 days 177.408 not to be satisfied. That is, a greater number than the cars that are sold per year in the country. There is an explanation: the project is strongly supported by President Erdogan and almost all Turkish public administrations have committed to order large quantities of Togg T10X. But who to please first? The problem was not easy to solve, also because it will take the company years and years to handle such large orders. And so, and live on YouTube channel of Togg, a lottery was organized in which the names of first 20,000 “lucky”. The T10X is offered with a choice of two batteries, with a range of 314 or 523 km. Prices in Turkey start from the same amount as 47,500 euros.