From Thursday 1 June to Sunday 4 June Eatinero Padenhe 2023

From Thursday 1 June to Sunday 4 June Eatinero Padenhe 2023

From Thursday 1 June to Sunday 4 June Vaso Rì Park, Padenghe sul Garda, Brescia

The traveling street food festival returns to overlook Benaco for a long weekend of street food, live music, animation and entertainment.

Among the novelties of this edition, the collaboration with Strabilio – Il Festival again circus

The best Italian street food we meet again on the shores of Garda for four days of delicious “road”, live music, relaxation in the open air, entertainment, castles and jumping for small children..

Once again the center of the event will be Vaso Rì Parkunder Rocca, where selected food trucks will remain parked and operating for all four days. Eatinero, which organizes the event with the sponsorship and cooperation of Padenghe Municipality..

Every evening the sound will be directly harsh: rock’n’roll, blues, r’n’b, soul and funk perfectly mixed with fresh cold beer and delicious street food to keep the body and palate in motion all the time! The main news this year is the collaboration with “Strabilio”, a traveling festival based on the idea of ​​”innovation, joy, artistic expression, freedom and participation” of circus. as recited by the artistic director Davide Vedovelli, the creator of the project together with Andrea Donatini. Considering “a traditional but light type of entertainment, international but understandable to all, in which the concept of body and openness is fundamental” which will find its incomparable deficiency precisely in the context of Eatinero Padenghe, between workshops, topics and surprisingly exhibition.

Festival hours: Thursday from 6pm to midnight; Friday and Saturday from 11 am midnight; Sunday from 12 to 23; free entry.


A very diverse and exciting menu, which offers the flavors of various regional culinary traditions, but also ethnic delicacies from around the world and finger foods of all kinds revisited with the magical Italian touch of the Eatinero Stable food trucks .

Scarrozzino: arrosticini, stuffed olives and other delicacies straight from the traditions of Marche and Abruzzo.

BBQ Chianina Center: street food heroes in Valdichiana… gourmet burgers and top quality Chianina beef.

Barrocchio of Mugello: Tuscan specialty, lampredotto and delicious sandwiches and tagliata.

Gypsy horse: A good burger with Angus beef.

Come on: gourmet hamburgers and Roman recipes, supplì and other typical dishes of the capital’s cuisine.

Good Fish: a winning alternative based on gourmet fish sandwiches (salmon, octopus and lobster), but also meat, “light” and vegetarian variants.

Kitchen Rebels: a unique and surprising proposal that includes gourmet sandwiches, hamburgers, grilled seafood, fish and meat dishes, ethnic dishes and finger food.

Niominka: rice and couscous-based main courses, traditional African appetizers, sandwiches with fish balls, Scottona burgers and meat or vegetable burritos.

La Reina Pepiada: popular Venezuelan street food for a guaranteed flavor explosion.

Who: sandwiches and appetizers with typical products of Castelli Romani and Lazio.

Brother Bear: good, organic and unusual…among the house specialties, a sandwich with slow-cooked rump with smoked salmon, avocado, courgettes and yogurt sauce.

Class beer: an endless collection of craft beers and a full selection of cocktails on tap and handcrafted distillates by Icona Spirits



21.00: live JUDGES AND QUANI

GIUDI E QUANI is a band from Verona born in 2016 with the intention of bringing pure energy and passion to people through live music. Giuditta (drums and vocals) and Francesco (guitar), choose the necessary training to be able to perform their shows everywhere and have a direct and powerful performance. Their music combines the timeless, terrifying energy of rock, and the immediacy of punk with the essential energy of soul and blues, which speaks to the heart and leads to a place where anyone can feel completely free.


from 17 to 19: “Circobus”, a workshop for children aged 3 and the family organized by Spazio Circo di Bergamo, in collaboration with Strabilio Festival

The circus has arrived and is ready to hire new performers, there is no age limit! Unchanging animation, who passes the test: choose your discipline and test yourself by enjoying the excitement of the circus, the tightrope walker, the emotions of the juggler… An afternoon of circus for young children and adults who want to. feel the children. “To know the world by discovering yourself different, magical and full of talent.”

21.00: “Between earth and sky”, an exhibition organized by Spazio Circo di Bergamo, in collaboration with Strabilio

Circus cabin, suspension in space… Aerial circus and acrobatic shows: tightrope, loop, aerial fabrics, balancing and juggling for a journey beyond the limits of gravity.


21.00: live The Lowi

From the meeting of four exceptional musicians – Silvia Lovicario (voice, guitar and percussion), Marco Fedrigolli (double bass and choir), Luca Manenti (acoustic guitars) and Federica Zanotti (drums and percussion) – this project was born ” r’ unusual n’b”, for an evening of entertainment and high quality music.


19.00: live Cadillac Circus

Music meets juggling, acrobatics and live magic in this dangerous duo made up of an English-speaking singer/magician/dancer and a guitarist with a loop station…

Vocalist Stephen Hogan and the sound design of Luca Gallina’s guitar make Cadillac Circus a unique show of its kind. The repertoire consists of instrumental interludes and songs by contemporary and non-modern authors, adapted from the perspective of the original sound. Real-time guitar samples are the musical background against which Stephen uses his artistic abilities. Two hours of entertainment for all ages and tastes!

Eatinero: festivals, catering, events


Born as an organizer of festivals and events dedicated to street food, today Eatinero also deals with catering and food trucks, recreating the same atmosphere. of celebration and observance even in small and large private events and fellowship. Since 2018 Eatinero has provided advice and support in 360°: not only the selection of food trucks but a complete management that includes location research and additional service providers (setting, service, entertainment, staff) and advertising and communication activities.


In 2020 was born, Italy’s first online platform for finding and booking food trucks for catering and street food events. Through

it is possible to find and contact food trucks in your area and request estimates for weddings and celebrations of any kind, private parties and corporate events, such as meetings, conferences, launches, open days and family days.