“From track to road”: Ferrari is counting more than ever on F1 to lead the innovation of its automotive market – Business AM

“From track to road”: Ferrari is counting more than ever on F1 to lead the innovation of its automotive market – Business AM

It’s not tomorrow until Ferrari releases its historic Formula 1 team, despite the Scuderia’s poor results this season. It’s because the CEO of the flying horse brand relies on his team to improve the development of his passenger cars.

In the news : Interview with Ferrari CEO Benedetto Vigna at Bloombergwhere he emphasizes the importance of F1 to a mass-produced car.

  • “A lot of technology can go from the track to the road,” he said, adding that Ferrari will continue to invest in racing for its mass market.
  • “Automotive manufacturing has been synonymous with competition since its inception in 1939 – and racing has been and will be in our company’s DNA,” Vigna said.
  • The CEO says the battle on the circuit is an event to create a luxury car. “There is a way to improve, there is a way to learn. We have to make a car that is always better than the previous one. »
  • So Ferrari will continue to generously fund its Formula 1 team, regardless of results.
    • Fortunately, we want to say: the Scuderia expected to compete with Red Bull this year, instead it finds itself in 4th place, behind the Austrian team, Mercedes and Aston Martin. And once again it showed a poor performance last weekend at the Spanish Grand Prix.

Factory of large electric vehicles

The truth : Despite the difficulties on the track, Ferrari is beating all its rivals in the stock market, where demand for its luxury cars remains stable as the automakers slowly lose their price focus. It is confirmed by the stock market value of the Italian brand which has now reached the height of that of Stellantis.

On the sidelines : To keep its power at the peak of its ambitions, Ferrari has revealed its ambitious project: to set up a factory of a new type, dedicated to electric supercars.

  • This should be to be completed by mid-2024 and will be located in Maranello, where the brand already has its headquarters and F1 factory.
    • The plant, called “e-building”, will build the brand’s future electric cars, as well as models with internal combustion engines.
    • The plant will also manufacture components for electric vehicles, including motors, inverters and batteries.
  • And Ferrari is not limited to innovation in electric cars only. Brand also plans develop other plug-in hybrid designs with the aim of reducing pollution.
    • In 2022, CEO Benedetto Vigna announced Ferrari’s ambition to become carbon neutral by 2030.
    • Among the specific goals mentioned at that time, he mentioned the increase in sales of electric models. 60% by 2026then up to 80% by 2030.
    • This transition to electrification will be done in a balanced way, including electric vehicles and hybrid models.

Conclusion : These bold plans testify to the brand’s determination to push back the boundaries and establish itself as a pioneer in the world of luxury electric mobility.

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