From virtual world to reality and back.  The Ford P1 makes its debut in the sport

From virtual world to reality and back. The Ford P1 makes its debut in the sport

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Ford likes to experiment with esports. Their P1, which was created with the participation of players from the Fordzilla team, went to the GRID Legends game by Codemasters on June 23. This is a free DLC. The car will feature a new, custom-designed livery and will compete in the Trackday Hypercars class. Players will be able to enjoy it power ± more than 1050 hp i speed the maximum in the game more than 354 km / h.

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To celebrate the debut of the P1 in the game, a special event has been created that will last until July 29. Players compete for the fastest race in this car. In addition, during the Festival of Speed ​​at Goodwood, the identical P1 was seen as in the game.

The journey to the reality of the TFZ-P1 racing car began in March 2020, when players were invited to vote on Twitter to determine the car’s equipment and performance, including seat configuration, engine placement and cockpit design. During the vote, fans cast nearly a quarter of a million votes

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Ford designers then produced drawings based on these features. The winners were the body designed by Arturo Ariño and the interior, which was the vision of Robert Engelmann. Just three months after the final model was revealed, a full-size model was revealed at gamescom 2020 car.

Since then, the car has evolved into a racing simulator and then a platform for live broadcasts. Along the way, it received various body finishes, including the experimental Reflective Orange.

GRID Legends was developed by Codemasters and Electronic Arts. Players can try their hand at this title on computers, as well as Xbox and Playstation consoles.