From VW to Kia: five popular compact SUVs

From VW to Kia: five popular compact SUVs

The Kia Sportage is also easy to drive on hilly roads.
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The increase in demand for SUVs does not want to end. Consumers really like compact crossovers.

These cars are popular because they offer plenty of space for families and cargo at a reasonable cost. Five models from the lower league top the best-selling list in Germany this year.

We have looked at examples and provided information on strengths and weaknesses.

VW T Roc

Because of VW Tiguan in the second generation has increased significantly, there was suddenly a place in the Wolfsburg model model below it. It was quickly replaced by the short and flat T-Roc, which isn’t quite as practical but a lot easier than its big brother. The space is impressive despite the dimensions suitable for inner-city use, even if the interior is clearly set by VW standards in terms of equipment choices.

The T-Roc is offered in petrol and diesel, front and all-wheel drive, manual and automatic. Photo: Volkswagen

In general, five-doors do not have to be equipped with high-end equipment, many extras are not available in the basic model and expensive ones should be purchased. The T-Roc compensates for the price level with confidence and a high level of driving comfort, a variety of engines (up to 300 hp) and the option of all-wheel drive. Prices start at 23,345 euros for the model with the 110 hp 1.0-liter three-cylinder gasoline engine.

VW Tiguan

The Tiguan Allspace has LED lights all around as standard. Photo: Volkswagen

Almost seven years after its debut, the Tiguan II is about to be replaced. It’s good for customers because they have extra leverage in price negotiations with a retailer who may be inclined to offer a final discount. Bad, because VW has already started to reduce the once-luxury driving program. Plug-in hybrids can no longer be ordered, but there is still a wide selection of diesel and petrol engines with all-wheel drive or front-wheel drive.

Other advantages of the model: a lot of space, good diversity and agile, but safe and adequate handling. In terms of transparency, many competitors could learn a lesson. In this case, VW pays a high price for a well-designed overall package, 31,545 euros is appropriate for a well-equipped model. Above all, those who do not buy shelves, but make their own ticks in the list of options, should dig into their pockets.

Ford Kuga

Ford Kuga PHEV combines a 2.5-liter gasoline engine with 152 hp and a 131 hp electric motor. Photo: Ford

Traditional poses ford often the most active model in the respective car classes. The Cologne-based company is also at the forefront when it comes to dynamics when it comes to compact SUVs, which is also due to its wider body than the top of the Kuga, which almost looks like a large station wagon. The crossover presented in 2020 took the technology from the Focus, which in this regard is probably one of the least compact cars.

In terms of general civility, support systems and drives, both brothers don’t have to hide in their class. The 225 hp plug-in hybrid, which is often the best seller in Germany and Europe in this segment, is very popular for the Kuga. As a weakness, as well as a restricted view, the company’s chassis appears to drivers who focus on comfort. Prices start at 35,000 euros, the equipment is quite good.

Kia Sportage

In the rows of compact SUV bestseller is Korean The freshest example – and you can see that. The front, with its daytime corners and large radiator grille, looks modern without being too polarizing. But the Kia can really shine inside with its digital instruments and large curved panorama display. In terms of equipment and assistants, everything you could wish for is currently on board or can be ordered – from a traffic queue assistant to a WLAN hotspot. This is decked out with extras that are not yet available everywhere, such as a panoramic glass roof, air-conditioned seats and a convertible chassis.

The range of drives offers plenty of options, with diesel and petrol engines, hybrids and plug-in hybrids also available, the latter with up to 265 hp. However, the Sportage is definitely not strong, it likes to be more comfortable during longitudinal and lateral acceleration. Poor all-round visibility can also be cited as a weakness. Prices start at 29,000 euros low. Unlike other Kia ranges, the base model is not a bait version, but already has some impressive equipment.

Skoda Karoq

The facelift is great for electric assist fans. Photo: Skoda

The third model of the VW Group in the SUV bestseller list is between the first two in terms of dimensions and price. It also differs from its two siblings due to its special distinction: there are three sliding and individually removable seats available as an option at the rear, which makes it easier to balance the needs of the cargo area and passenger space.

he can fast Czech also with a simple model and ergonomic operation. At the beginning of 2022 there was a facelift, the exterior of which was especially modern. The infotainment is now updated, but Skoda continues to do without the limited touch functionality of the group’s new models. The driving application is suitable for the masses and oriented to the cause, it offers diesel and conventional petrol engines. Prices start at 26,300 euros for a fully equipped base. (SP-X)