Funeral services for Carolin G.

Funeral services for Carolin G.

By Matthias Lukashevich

Moving on to Carolin G. on Friday at the church cemetery in Rottstock (Graeben): 100 mourners came to the funeral of the math and art teacher.

Strange Carnage on the Autobahn: The mother of a three-year-old son was shot and killed by an unknown assailant on the hard shoulder of the A9 in her Hyundai after an accident on May 10. No one has yet fired at her.

When Reverend Ines Jäger pulled the cloth from the picture drawn by the art teacher in front of the open grave, it rained rose petals on the green coffin.

A sea of ​​flowers covers the grave of Carolin G. Photo: BZ

“Perhaps Carolin is now sitting somewhere on the rainbow and is looking down at us,” said Pastor Jäger. About 100 mourners had previously held leaves in their hands. .

In his funeral sermon, the pastor did not choose words deliberately about the murder of the math and art teacher. A crime that investigators so far have no explanation at all. He just ignored the environment. Instead, he reminded the life of Carolin G. – “which was yet to begin” – as the pastor said. .

Carolin G.’s bicycle was in the church. He didn’t just drive it to work every day at the comprehensive school in Brück. He also traveled halfway around the world when he drove 17,000 kilometers across Asia and South America on a sabbatical a few years ago.

The teachers also said goodbye with a bouquet of flowers Photo: BZ

Plaque in front of the church. Then a simple math problem: “7 minus 5 = 3”, which of course had mistakes and crossed out. After 3 mistakes then 2 correct. A loving reminder of math corrections made by a famous teacher.

His disciples were not present at the funeral service. But Carolin G.’s parents had left their daughter’s children’s school folder at the church, together with the school book “Countries of the World” – perhaps it awakened their curiosity about distant lands and the new world. .