FUPA Widebody Hyundai i30 N on JR3 rims!

FUPA Widebody Hyundai i30 N on JR3 rims!

Hyundai I30 N JR3 4 FUPA rims

This one turned inside out Hyundai i30 N we cannot stop you. The high-performance design of South Korea’s Hyundai compact class with up to 275 hp (facelift 280 hp) is popular in this country such as the leader of the Golf GTi class and the established heat component, of course, also in the repair area. Performance-oriented design along with affordable purchase prices ensures a lot of compassion and greatness as well. tuning repertoire various service providers. And in early April, the FUPA Services team showed how, in our opinion, a very good adjustment can be implemented at i30 N. Facebook channel. Experts from Büttelborn, located in Hesse between Darmstadt and Rüsselsheim, published this unique article. Widebody i30 N.

Widebody Hyundai i30 N plus Airride

Hyundai I30 N JR3 7 FUPA rims

And especially built-in landing equipment causes excitement. Not a coilover suspension, but a Airride suspension air (36 times adjustable difficulty) and KW withdrawal rate for moisture enhancers. And that is not a common practice in i30 N. FUPA-i30 N served as a development tool for the AirForce aircraft suspension team. The chassis is controlled by means of “Advanced” air force controls with remote control. However, the constant reduction using Airride chassis is just one of the changes to the i30 N. Another attraction is definitely the depth. Original Design of PDN30X widebody kit. This includes other components from other manufacturers, which sometimes had to be replaced specifically. Almost one was put in front V5 damage lip and Maxton Design as well V2 swords for the herring coming from a service provider from Melle in Lower Saxony. On the other hand, there was one back distributor by Zaero Design. yes back damage there is also the TG Works model on the roof edge. Of course, there is also the Original Design fender explosions round. And newcomers Bone twins tailpipes with a large diameter on the conventional exhaust system successfully around the rear view.

an eye-catching structure weakens on all sides

Hyundai I30 N JR3 FUPA rims rims 5

Extra body parts are complete with eye-catching Creative pop art as well as factory paint finish in N-size Performance Blue. You can see various shapes and characters in black, white, red and yellow. For all this it is external plastic parts painted in bright black. And it also resembles a white foiling profile wheelset painted white. Especially installed is chic Japan Racing JR3 rim (9.5 × 19 & 10.5 × 19 inches) with tires in 255/30 R19 & 265/30 R19 format. And in order for the wheel set to fit perfectly on the extended arches of the wheel, there is on the front axle. Uniball Domlager is installed as part of the Airride installation, which requires individual configuration from fall enable. Conclusion: Can you do that! If we get more information about the changes, of course there is an update to this report. You will be notified when you subscribe to our newsletters. Enjoy looking at pictures and stay true to us!

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Wild eye attraction from FUPA Services
It fixes fupa-dienst.de / Photo: gentleman photography

Hyundai I30 N JR3 11 bone marrow rims 11

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