Futuricum and WGL: Electronic trade shows in compact format

Futuricum and WGL: Electronic trade shows in compact format

Futuricum and WGL sales partner presented their file at a trade fair. In fact, heavy electronic trucks from the Swiss brand played a major role, far from standard.

If a prophet does not come to the mountain, the mountain must go to the prophet. This is roughly the name of the event about the electric trucks that WGL GmbH (Wirtschaftsdienst Güter und Logistik) put up in late March at the former air force airport in Mendig.

Where to order a car? Well, in WGL, headquartered in Frankfurt, among other things the sales partner of Swiss electric truck manufacturer Designwerk, best known under the brand name Futuricum.

How to finance (and receive grants), under what conditions to insure and – above all – where to pay? WGL had also invited relevant allies, who answered questions from invited carriers and freight forwarders, but also from civilian and fire protection officers in “Hangar 7” on the airport website. Overall, the two-day B2B event was characterized by a small but positive trade show of electric trucks.

WGL and Futuricum provide vehicles for test drives

As executives, WGL and Futuricum presented several vehicles for testing on the airport website. Above all, the world’s first electric car transporter, which Futuricum put on wheels along with body builder Kässbohrer on the basis of Volvo FM’s Galliker Transport AG. In Switzerland, the tandem train, which came into service in early 2022, travels about 450 miles[450 km]a day and then usually charges overnight. Alternatively, 350 kW can be used to charge up to 80 percent of battery capacity in about an hour and a quarter.

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