Gas subsidy at any time.  The warming act is awaiting the president’s signature

Gas subsidy at any time. The warming act is awaiting the president’s signature

The Sejm adopted some Senate amendments to the law on special solutions for some heat sources in relation to the situation on the oil market regarding subsidies for heat sources, such as wood pellets, liquid LPG (propane butane) and fuel oil.

The amendments adopted were of an editorial and explanatory nature.

The law provides for the introduction of a one-time allowance for the owners of certain sources of heat and will help households whose main source of heat is fueled by biomass (wood chips, lump wood, wood briquettes, leaves, grain) or Liquefied LPG (propane butane) ) or oil.

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This allowance is 3,000. PLN if the main source of heat is a solid fuel boiler powered by wood pellets or other types of biomass, 1 thous. PLN – when the main source of heat is a solid fuel boiler, a fireplace, a fireplace, an air heater, a fireplace, a stove or a wood-burning tile stove, PLN 500 – if the source of heat is a boiler of gas operated. for LPG liquefied gas and 2,000 . PLN – when the main source of heat is an oil boiler.

At the same time, the provisions of the Law on the carbon allowance were made more precise, indicating that one allowance belongs to a farm operated from one address. Payments will be made for applications submitted in accordance with the status of the General Register of Building Waste Emissions from August 11 this year. (changes made in the records after this date will not affect the decision of the additional right, except for applications submitted for the first time).

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The law also introduces a solution regarding the procedure to be determined by energy companies – the so-called tax and compensation for recipients of heat intended for residential purposes and public use. As a result of the introduction of this regulation, the increase in heat prices and domestic hot water heating costs at the planned level is to be limited for customers of this group.

This solution is also intended to reduce payment packages for heating companies due to the significant increase in the prices of services provided by these institutions due to the increase in acceptable business costs.

The law also provides the possibility for the State Treasury to grant a loan of PLN 8.6 billion to the State Agency for Strategic Savings in 2023. These funds should come from the state budget. The possibility of issuing guarantees for the possibility of bridge financing that the State Agency for Strategic Savings will be able to contract in Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego in 2022 was introduced.

The amendment provides a guarantee of the State Treasury to the entities responsible for decisions in the amount of PLN 21 billion.

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