Gasperetti and Ferrari win the 40th Rally degli Abeti e dell’Abetone

Gasperetti and Ferrari win the 40th Rally degli Abeti e dell’Abetone

The Rally degli Abeti saw victory for the local duo of Pistoia Corse. Mori of the Jolly Racing Team from Lucca has cemented himself in history

The 40th Rally degli Abeti e dell’Abetone it’s a win for Federico Gasperetti And Federico Ferrari. Domestic workers of Pistoia Corsica on the Skoda Fabia Evo, after establishing himself inside five out of six specific stepsbeats the pair by almost a minute Volpi – Gentini (54”4) of Pro Racing and 1’09”2 Tucci – Farnocchia of Jolly Racing Team, again in the Czech car. For Gasperetti it is fourth consecutive success in a home meeting that cheered ben nine times in total (always with Ferrari in the description except in 2002 with Thomas Simoni).

The two returning from Lucca were not so lucky Pierotti-Milli who, after winning by only a tenth of a point, the only point that Gasperetti (no Pitelli 1 Sunday morning) came out in the fourth session when they took the position of absolute honor. Rally degli Abeti was held with six heats and not seven for bad weather which prevented a second conflict Memory of LimAbetonewhich traced some parts of that historic planting.


The same leit-motif about “historical” races. Good luck Jolly Racing Team John Mori and his custom BMW M3, as well Michael Frosini, without a doubt dominated the scene, also in this case with the start of the fire and then slowly removing the pursuers, as well as other things with high vehicles. Mori won the fourth group, the second group went Bonafe-Pontiniand Porsche 911 RS, the third still speaks montanino, successfully for Adelchi GasperettiFederico’s brother, with Renault 5 Alpine, supported by Paolini.

The Fabio Dante Trophyreserved for the best performance achieved in the first part of the new test “LimAbetone Memory” was awarded Luca Pierottitime Mauro Nesti trophyreserved for historic cars, lost it Stefano Roversi, with Lucia Zambiasiinside the impressive Lancia Stratos.


1. Gasperetti-Ferrari (Skoda Fabia Evo R5) in 36’12.3; 2. Volpi-Gentini (Skoda Fabia R5) at 54.4; 3. Tucci-Farnocchia (Skoda Fabia R5) at 1’09.2; 4. Ciardi-Natali (Toyota Yaris GR) in 1’39.6; 5. Fiore-Manfredi (Skoda Fabia Evo R5) at 2’04.0; 6. Cavalieri-Dinelli (Hyundai I20 R5) at 2’22.9; 7. Giordano-Sichi (Skoda Fabia R5) at 2’29.2; 8. Vescovi-Guzzi (Peugeot 208) at 2’41.3; 9. Bindi-Vecoli (Skoda Fabia R5) at 2’41.5; 10. Silvestri-Marraccini (Peugeot 208 GTI) at 2’42.1.