Geared electric car.  Why?  Lexus explains!

Geared electric car. Why? Lexus explains!

The electronic revolution in the automotive world also made the manual transmission (read, the traditional Manual Transmission) more and more of the past, and less of the present. But in Lexus’ opinion, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Can you imagine an electric car, with a manual shift system, to pass on a more traditional, clean, and complex driving experience to the new generation of drivers? Well, let’s try to figure it out.

Electric Car with manual shifts. Why? Lexus explains!

Therefore, for many drivers, the electric car, although revolutionary, is often boring. It turns out to be curious, but for many drivers, the control and engagement provided by the manual transmission is still an important contribution to the enjoyable driving experience.

After all, riding a car is not only from point A to B, for many drivers we meet on the road, especially those who are more passionate about it, it is the time of the day when they forget everything, to be one with your 4 wheels. So , to try to offer a different experience than we have now in the electric market, Lexus explored and developed a new way to be able to prepare an electric car, battery, and a more traditional transmission, that is, a manual.

By the way, this system already exists, and is implemented in the UX 300e model! Lexus Compact SUV, electric, but still has a gear lever and, of course, the old clutch pedal.

Does this make sense? After all, it is a system that adds little in terms of performance, and ends up making the product more expensive. Well, Lexus Chief Engineer (Takashi Watanabe) explains why this all makes sense for Toyota’s small luxury brand.

“Externally, this car is as quiet as any other BEV, but the driver can experience all the sensations of a moving car. This is a software-based system! Therefore, it can be programmed to produce the driving experience of a variety of vehicles, allowing him the driver chooses the one he likes best.”

So this system, in conjunction with DIRECT4 and One Motion Grip, both software-based, will enable Lexus to explore new performance opportunities to provide an experience that suits every driver.

What systems are these?

Lexus wants to be able to separate itself from other manufacturers within the electric world. Therefore, along with manual transmission, it also introduced DIRECT4! A system that instantly balances the drive torque delivered to the front and rear axles, providing excellent traction in all driving conditions, increased linear acceleration, and improved cornering and vehicle stance.

together with One Motion Grip, which in turn is a Steer-by-Wire system. In other words, it provides a mechanical connection between the steering wheel and the front wheels.

Also, what do you think about all this? Do you find this Lexus (Toyota) creation interesting? Share your views with us in the comment box below.