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Almost everyone had forgotten about the question between Gemini And the beginning about the product Get it provided by the first to its customers through the services of the second. Something that got controversial a few weeks ago, due to financial problems the beginning which led to bankruptcy cases that a few days ago were more uncertain.

There is swelling between creditors And the beginning itself, and Gemini which is among the few to address the issue in public and show the dates that are keeping at least part of the world worried. crypto And bitcoins. In fact, the repayment of an important loan is acceptable within a few days Digital Currency Group for its subsidiary the beginning.

Non-refundable for this sum, depending on what is reported Geminiit would obviously get you into trouble Digital Currency Groupproviding not only the entire procedure for free, but also the fate of one of the most important companies in the world of crypto and $BTC.

Gemini and other creditors on a war footing: 30-day mediation

It all started over a week ago Digital Currency Groupwhich controls the beginninghe publicly complained that at least some of the secondary creditors would back out to care agreement reached last winter. Contracts whose details are not public and which are now no longer relevant considering that we will continue on another road.

Same for mediation 30 days in which you should try mend the tears and give direction to the crisis, and Gemini that also on behalf of its customers is interested in recovering as soon as possible what is owed by Gemini.

However, this is not what keeps at least some investors on their toes bitcoins And secret money. Gemini actually remind you that the end of this week is due about 630 million from DCG towards the beginning – and that the non-payment of this tranche of loans obtained from mother’s house it will mean the bankruptcy of the parent company.

At the moment it can be seen as more of a tactic to keep pressure – even by mocking public opinion – on DCG for finding a solution, in the relationship between creditors and debtors that has never been poor and already Februarybefore the signing of the now canceled contract led to back and forth Twitter and in the media.

A narrow window, but that’s just a trick for now

The window is narrow, because as it says correctly Geminiin fact there will have to be a proper plan already within the next one May 9th. From here to think so DCG it will be declared bankrupt but it will pass and so the alarm, at least for now, would seem a bit loud.

Conflicts between creditors and debtors as seen often and which are more worrying because DCG manages the world’s largest private equity fund that trades bitcoinswith more features 600,000 units Of $BTC.

A bag that attracts everyone and close to which there is already one war with uncertain results. In fact, many are tempted by 2% of management fees for the domestic total $BTCa real goose that lays golden eggs DCG.