General Motors cuts down the price of the Chevrolet Bolt 2023, making it the cheapest electric car in America.

General Motors cuts down the price of the Chevrolet Bolt 2023, making it the cheapest electric car in America.

Chevrolet Bolt EV

The 2023 Chevrolet Bolt will be the most affordable electric car you can buy in America – with one precaution.

Earlier this week, General Motors (GM) for the price of the 2023 edition of Bolt EV. The most widely used 1LT and 2LT models now cost $ 26,595 and $ 29,795 respectively, which GM says is a $ 5,900 discount per model from last year.

Bolt EUV largest gets discounted price, at least under normal terms, of $ 6,300.

For the typical Bolt EV, that’s a huge 18.5% discount from last year, at a time when everything from equipment to labor costs is rising sharply in this country.

GM says even with rapid price reductions, no features have been removed or discounted back compared to last year’s model.

“Nothing has been removed,” Shad Balch, a geneticist, said: Detroit Free Press† “This shows our desire to continue to ensure that the Bolt EV / EUV competes in the market. As we have said, affordability has become a priority for these vehicles.

Prices and tax credits

While 2023 prices have not yet been announced, the 2022 Nissan Leaf, the cheapest electric car offered in the United States, will start at $ 27,400. Unless you take into account the $ 7,500 federal tax balance (which Nissan is still graduating, but GM is failing), the 2023 Bolt EV is America’s cheapest car.

So technically, the Bolt EV will be the most affordable EV when the United States goes on sale in 2023, and does not include a federal tax loan (reducing Nissan Leaf to $ 19,900). bad news for nissan7201 T) And you Leaf total sales in the United States is approximately 175,000 unitsWhen a maximum of 200,000 is reached, the federal tax credit is cut in half.

TANGERANG, INDONESI – NOVEMBER 12: Nissan LEAF electric car on display during the GAIKINDO Indonesia International Automotive Exhibition (GIIAS) at the Indonesian Conference Exhibition on the outskirts of Jakarta, Tangerang, Indonesia on November 12, 2021. These are exhibitions The first motor vehicle during the COVID-19 disaster organized by the Association of Industries Indonesian Automotive GAIKINDO is open to the public from November 12-21 and is connected to more than 300 brands in supporting industries and showcasing approximately 150 new vehicles. (Photo by Anton Raharjo / Anadolu Agent via Getty Images)

Another disadvantage of the Nissan Leaf is that it has a distance of only 149 miles (specified by the Environmental Protection Agency), while the cheap Bolt EV has 259 miles of GMs. Buyers should use the Nissan Leaf S Plus for a distance of 326 miles (EPA rating), but this design starts at $ 32,400.

The point here is that General Motors is doing its best to provide an affordable, market-wide EV option with a suitable power array for medium-distance buyers who want to switch to using electricity. This is a segment of the market with few options, and the Nissan Leaf S Plus is its only competitor, though Fisker (FSR) promises that are Prices for Ocean EV SUV Start at Less than $ 40,000 If it comes sometime next year.

If the country achieves the goal of the White House That 50% of car sales are completely electric By 2030, American buyers will need cheaper electric car options.

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