General Motors is investing 4 million in V8 engines

General Motors is investing $854 million in V8 engines

General Motors is putting forward its famous names as ambassadors of the electric future. The Hummer is now an all-electric SUV and the fastest Corvette is now a hybrid. In 2035, the group only wants to sell fully electric cars. But until then, GM wants to sell fewer V8 engines, and now they are investing $854 million in the eight-cylinder.

General Motors is currently developing the sixth generation ‘Small Block V8’. You know the Small Block engines from the Chevrolet Corvette and Camaro, among others. Well-known LS motors are, for example, Small Blocks, but LT motors also belong to this category. We are currently on the fifth generation, and GM is now developing the sixth.

To ensure that the sixth generation of V8s rolls off the production lines, GM is investing $854 million in three existing plants. These are designed to provide parts for new engines. One factory gets to make the crankshaft, while the other makes the manifolds. In Flint the engine is assembled with all parts.

Where does the sixth generation V8 go?

General Motors doesn’t mention the models where the new eight-cylinder should come. The press release says that the investment is to strengthen the position in pickups and SUVs. So don’t expect a new sports car right away, but a new generation of supercars with eight cylinders. For now, the Corvette will keep its current V8 (fifth generation).

Also investment in EVs

General Motors has not forgotten that they want to go all electric for more than ten years. That’s why they’re investing $64 million in the Rochester plant, most of which is for EV production. This money is used to make molds, for example, which in turn are used to produce parts for EVs.