Genesis GV60 Sport Plus AWD review

Genesis GV60 Sport Plus AWD review

It’s not just an eye-catcher when it’s stationary – the Genesis GV60 makes an impression

Self-identified customers should avoid “Sao Paulo Lime”. Because with the Genesis GV60 in summer color you stand out. Everywhere and every time. To some extent, however, this is also advertising on our own behalf – above all for the top model Genesis GV60 Sport Plus with up to 490 hp (combined power consumption: 19.1 kWh/100 km; combined CO2 emissions: 0 g/km ; electric range: up to 466 km)². But there is much more to the art behind the eye-catching painting. In the test, the Korean e-crossover most impressed with its everyday talents.

2022 Genesis GV60-13

The interior of an obscure classroom

After opening the door, it is the first glove-soft skin that inspires. Not only the seats, but also the dashboard, door panels and even the roof line are made of good material. There are also details such as “green” color accents on the pipe and behind the perforations that testify to the special love that Koreans have for their new product. The laser-cut stainless steel speaker covers for the Bang & Olufsen sound system are also not what you’d expect in this type of car. Because we are not talking about a six-figure luxury car (like the Rolls-Royce Ghost), but about a low-end electric car.

But Genesis makes an effort here – and is rewarded for it. Where quality has been declining over the years with the competition, the GV60 inspires positives. Not only in terms of material selection and processing, but in general in the overall arrangement of the interior. End-to-end digital may come with a simpler menu structure, but there are still the usual buttons for climate, radio and all other important functions. However, the interior looks clean and modern. Genesis has chosen a good compromise here.

2022 Genesis GV60-18

The GV60 Sport Plus also plays to the advantages of its E-GMP base when it comes to space. As in the Ioniq 5, there is plenty of freedom of movement inside and wide adjustment options for the front row of seats – which ensures enough knee room, especially in the back, if needed. The seats are also more than comfortable and of course can be heated and ventilated for the driver and front passenger. The only drawback remains the trunk: At 432 liters, the small Genesis offers little storage space and the frunk under the front hood is also good for a little more than the charging cable of type 2.

2022 Genesis GV60-14

An exciting phenomenon of the form and description of Genesis

On the outside, the GV60 takes many of the stylistic features of other Genesis models, but it does not do without a large trapezoidal radiator grille that spreads between the two-line LED lights on the siblings. Considering the aerodynamics, which is important for the range, it instead uses a small air intake with a honeycomb structure and a very smooth nose.

2022 Genesis GV60-2

On the side line, the lines of the Genesis GV60 also remain smooth, even if the shoulder line and the fenders are clearly treated – after all, the Sport Plus equipment has to carry 21-inch alloy wheels. An absurd detail is the pointed window belt, which improves the integrated roof spoiler and is intended to visually loosen the transition towards the rear.

In general, the design of the small Genesis is clever, you can not see its size, especially in the picture. But at 1.60 meters long, it’s a big car. However, the steeply sloping roofline makes the e-crossover smaller than necessary, especially in the trunk area. The Shooting Brake variant will undoubtedly be more practical here – and one of these must find its fans, especially in Europe.

2022 Genesis GV60-3

490 boost hp, locking differential and front-facing chassis

But things like the shape and volume of the trunk are forgotten when you power it up for the first time. A bright yellow boost button on the steering wheel sets the full 490 hp and 700 Newton meters of both engines into motion and the Genesis GV60 propels itself towards the horizon. The factory specifies a time of four seconds for the 100 sprint, which even seems conservative to us, because the yellow Stromer usually managed a manual stop in less than four seconds.

2022 Genesis GV60-33

But of course it’s more than just driving a car. Thanks to the electric locking differential on both axles, the GV 60 Sport Plus also works well in bends. The 255mm wide Michelin Pilot Sport EV easily curbs power abuse at the apex and the torquey electric drive pulls the Genesis off the edge. The Korean is closer to the Porsche Taycan here than the sports model from the VW MEB kit. The balance of the drive is amazing and the real show, especially in combination with the chassis tuning.

Because the Genesis GV60 Sport Plus is also an all-rounder when it comes to spring and damping adjustment. The adaptive suspension not only has a range of adjustments between comfort and sport, it also adapts perfectly to the upcoming errors in the road using the front camera. Such details were still a sensation in the luxury segment a few years ago.

2022 Genesis GV60-23

It is known good battery performance, but also elegant use

Where wood is cut, splinters must fall. That also applies to the battery-electric vehicle. And if you use 490 hp regularly, you have to go to the charging station often despite the very good recovery performance. On average, we came up with a consumption of a good 22 kWh per 100 km, but it can be around 30 kWh when driving on the road. After all: Thanks to the 800V design and charging power of up to 240 kilowatts, Genesis GV60 is usually recharged quickly.

2022 Genesis GV60-4


The Genesis GV60 Sport Plus is a multi-talented athlete. You have to like its exterior design, but in the interior it gives not only a little reason to criticize, but rather a reason to wonder. No competitor can currently manage the spread between good comfort and high-end dynamics in this range – especially not at this price. At around 80,000 euros, however, it is not a special edition, but it remains below its competitors of the same quality. (Text and photos: Fabian Mechtel)

Technical details*

  • example: Genesis GV60 Sport Plus AWD
  • engine: two permanent-excitation motors
  • performance: 360 kW/490 hp
  • torque: 700 Nm
  • run: four wheel drive, reduction gear
  • Combined use (WLTP): 19.1 kWh/100km²
  • Combined CO2 emissions: 0 g/km²
  • Acceleration (0-100 km/h): 4.0 seconds
  • high speed: 235 km/h (min.)
  • Dimensions (L/W/H): 4.51m/1.89m/1.58m
  • weight: 2,160 kg
  • Base price Genesis GV60: from 71,010 euros

* Manufacturer’s information