Genesis GV80 3.0D AWD in test drive train

Genesis GV80 3.0D AWD in test drive train

If you don’t like to be talked about, don’t buy the Genesis GV80: the SUV doesn’t raise frequent questions about its origins in Cardiff Green. No, he is not British. The beginning is A luxury product from Hyundai, which wants to gain a foothold in Germany without selling a single car. Testing, delivery and customer service, which is included in the price for five years or up to 75,000 km, is handled by Genesis at the front door.

For 63400 euros it goes with that Three-liter six-cylinder diesel Continuing on the line of Premium equipment, as a luxury with more luxury equipment, the GV80 costs 70100 euros. The 2.5-liter turbo gasoline engine with 304 hp from four cylinders, which can also tow 2722 kg, is 1200 euros cheaper. In any case, it falls short of competitors such as the VW Touareg and the BMW X5.

Andrew Becker

Especially in Cardiff Green, Genesis can pass for the Brits. In any case, it arouses curiosity.

Because pulling is in all situations power in line six cylinders the best option – although not one of the most objectionable: less than ten liters is nothing special, and the consumption of a two-ton trailer increases to 14.4 liters / 100 km. That could also be due to the transmission, which downshifts a gear or two on small inclines and for re-acceleration with cruise control, though not necessarily because of the early torque.

The landing gear is large leadership skills. The swinging resistance is high, the steering is sensitive. However, the 22-inch wheels that come as standard with the Luxus reduce the level of comfort significantly. The rear axle especially stumbles hard over asphalt scars. Other premium SUVs can do it better.

Genesis GV80 3.0D AWD in test drive train

Andrew Becker

The GV80 has a camera on all sides, but no support for eye-linking.

Also on trailer hitch The beginning still has room for improvement: A simple but expensive plug-in rubber bar is the only one available, the hole is durable and turns on together, but it is difficult to reach. The worst thing is that it does not communicate with the assistance systems: when the reverse gear is used, the parking warning system beeps, and the invisible assistant is often shocked by the trailer.

Genesis GV80 3.0D AWD in test drive train

Andrew Becker

Visualization and processing in the Genesis is good, but the concept of operating a detailed menu of the board through rings and rotating screens is difficult.

Four people travel comfortably inside the plane and in a high-quality, spotlessly clean environment. Treat it Hifi and Lexicon (1120 euros).

Beyond all the beauty, the GV80 does not forget practicality: The back seat can be partially moved, the rear sections move forward at the touch of a button. The passenger seat can be changed from the driver’s seat.

Also of burden of payment it’s luxurious – on request and for only 500 euros extra, Genesis becomes a seven-seater. The eyes of the stripes on the trunk can be connected for more stability.

Genesis GV80 3.0D AWD in test drive train

Andrew Becker

Rear seat with longitudinal adjustment and backrest – with plenty of space.

Genesis GV80 3.0D AWD

  • Implementation: Luxury 3.0 D, 204 kW (278 hp)
  • Run: Permanent four-wheel drive, 8-speed automatic transmission with shifter
  • Base/test car price: 68 900/78 890 euros
  • trailer loading series: 2722 kg

Driving, driving behavior and consumption

Genesis GV80 3.0D AWD in test drive train

Andrew Becker

The SUV not only raises frequent questions about its origins in Cardiff Green.

  • Engine: Six-cylinder turbo diesel, 2996 cm3, maximum torque 588 Nm from 1500-3000 rpm.
  • Production rate: EU 6D.
  • tank volume: 80L,
  • AdBlue: 18L

Powerful, smooth and sonorous diesel, smooth automatic transmission, well tuned.
High driving stability, sensitive handling and high traction.
Blind spot cameras that are useful when flashing.

It automatically returns prematurely even on slight inclines.
Heavy use of the car.
Low suspension comfort due to large wheels and flat tires.
A blind spot warning rings the bell through the caravan.

Trunk, uneven and seats

Genesis GV80 3.0D AWD in test drive train

Andrew Becker

Spacious cargo space and one-button seat folds for a flat loading floor. Luggage roll-up fits under the floor.

stem volume: minimum 735/max 2152 liters. Sliding rear seats with remote electric backrest release and tilt adjustment; 1/3 to 2/3 collapsible.

Spacious usable cargo space.
Split folding and sliding rear seat with remote control.
The passenger seat can be adjusted from the inside.

The stretchy eyes on the stem are not attached to the body, so they are not particularly resistant.

weight and dimensions


  • Weight loss acc.: 2312 kg
  • Perm. Total weight: 2940 kg
  • Load cut vertical load (100 kg): 528 kg.
  • Towing capacity (12%): 2722 kg.
  • Maximum weight of train:


  • heightwidth : 4945 mm
  • Wide: 1973 mm
  • Height: 1715 mm
  • Wheel base: 2955 mm

High load.
Low towing capacity compared to the competition, but still high enough for commuters.
Large, versatile loading space.

Trailer hitch with electricity

Genesis GV80 3.0D AWD in test drive train

Andrew Becker

A removable towbar, a hard-to-reach hole, no contact with support systems: this is not a premium.

trailer hitch

  • Price: 1390 euros including installation
  • Installation: workshop
  • System: occlusive
  • Ball head length: 49 centimeters
  • bar load: 100kg

Power supply

Genesis GV80 3.0D AWD in test drive train

Andrew Becker

For city/local driving with start/stop; Cable length 6 meters. Outside temperature: 6 °C

  • Permanent supplement: ✔
  • Plus it’s on: ✔
  • Indicator failure detection: One side: ✔ Both sides: ✔

security and support systems

  • Trailer stabilization via ESP/TSP: ✔
  • Operating assistant: X option: X
  • Reverts the camera: ✔ Option: X
  • Zoom in on the ball head: X
  • Recognition of traffic signs (trailer combination): X
  • Campsites in navigation: ✔

* According to the manufacturer’s information


The comparatively cheap Genesis’ biggest weaknesses: a simple, plug-in trailer hitch with a hard-to-reach hole, a lack of electronic hitch integration on the on-board system and high diesel consumption. In terms of quality, build and features, the GV80 is in the big league.