Genesis: Koreans want to put pressure on the competition with the luxury convertible

Genesis: Koreans want to put pressure on the competition with the luxury convertible

The concept car goes into production Korean luxury brand Genesis unveils its portfolio – with the new “flagship” X Convertible

Genesis wants to add a convertible to its range with the X Convertible

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The first convertible Genesis X caused quite a stir when it was presented in the spring. The Korean luxury brand is talking about a “real flagship” and now wants to bring to market a sports concept car with a Korean design. The attack on the competition has begun.

Hyundai’s luxury brand Genesis completed its X trio with a concept car. After The X Concept (presented in 2021), a two-door coupe, and the X Speedium Coupé (presented in April 2022), a high-performance sports coupe, the convertible Genesis X Convertible celebrated its world premiere in California mid-November. The four-seat design with a folding hardtop and individual glass panels above the driver and front passenger is also based on the Genesis “Athletic Elegance” design language. This is characterized by a long bonnet, a short front overhang and a long wheelbase. Features other features are a “strong parabolic line” on the sides and “muscular shapes” around the wheels, according to the Korean automaker.

In addition, the X Convertible – like the X Speedium Coupé – has quad LED lights at the front. The so-called crest radiator grille is attached to the front of the combustion models, while a small opening in the front bumper replaces the radiator grille in the electric variant. The rear has an integrated spoiler and four horizontal taillights, reminiscent of the lights on the other two concept cars on the matatu. In addition, the well-known “V-shaped” depression is characteristic of the tailgate.

The special Crane White color should also contribute to the elegant appearance of the X Convertible. The ultimate goal: “The white crown represents honor and sanctity in Korea and is an important cultural symbol that Genesis wanted to incorporate into the concept,” explains the automaker in a press release.

For the interior, the designers were inspired by the architecture of traditional Korean houses. The colors Giwa Navy and Dancheong Orange are meant to create a modern image. The latter gives the seams on the car their unique appearance – just like decorative pieces on Korean wooden buildings. The instrument panel, which is placed in the center console, is also surprising. It surrounds the driver and is intended to center him. In addition, it should emphasize the performance capabilities of the luxury convertible. Genesis also uses leather seats and a woven interior panel made of recycled cotton in the concept car.

Genesis X Convertible to start production

“With the trinity concept, we reinforce the sporty and emotional aspect of our design philosophy,” explained Chief Creative Officer Luc Donckerwolke in a press release published in November. He continued: “Powertrains give us a great opportunity to enjoy the outdoors – and convertibles do that better than any other car. With the Genesis X Convertible, we build on the success of the X Concept and X Speedium Coupé and continue the brand’s mission. to create vehicles with greater emotional impact.” At the presentation of the concept car, Donckerwolke told the media that preparations are being made for a production car based on the X concept series.

Recently, information about the start of production of the premium converter has become real. Peter Lanzavecchia, chairman of the Genesis Dealers Advisory Council and owner of Genesis of Cherry Hill in Marlton, New Jersey, told Automotive News that Donckerwolke told dealers at Genesis’ annual meeting that he wanted to produce an X Convertible.

GT coupe performance is therefore high on the wish list of Genesis dealers, it said. “I don’t know if it will be more than $200,000 or $300,000, but I guarantee that we will sell a lot of Bentley Continental Convertibles when it comes to our showrooms,” Lanzavecchia said. He added: “It will be a real flagship for the brand.” With this, Lanzavecchia vaguely outlined the price range of the planned X Convertible, but Genesis has yet to release any information on performance data.

The Korean luxury brand wants to establish itself internationally

Within about 3.5 years, Genesis has presented a variety of midsize and luxury cars. The GV60 electric model was the brand’s first car. It received the award “German Car of the Year 2023” in the top category. According to the manufacturer, the SUV is the most popular Genesis in Europe. This was followed by the Electrified GV70 and the Electrified G80. All three appeared last year. Other models are G70, GV70, G80, GV80. In addition, the Koreans recently launched their top model, the G90, which is currently unavailable in Europe. So far there are (still) few combustion models in the portfolio of the Korean car maker, which will change soon. The company is committed to becoming an all-electric brand by 2025 before planning to be carbon neutral by 2035.

Genesis was last registered as a sub-brand of Hyundai. However, it is an independent company and so now they want to establish themselves as their own brand. In addition, the luxury brand is based on traditional Korean elements and international and European design and technology genes. So the competition should keep up – and it should continue to get stronger with the X Convertible.

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