GENESIS’ new album is called BBC Broadcast

GENESIS’ new album is called BBC Broadcast

Enwie Kej – GENESIS have announced their BBC BROADCASTS album for March 3, 2023. Mastered by founding member Tony Banks and longtime engineer and producer Nick Davis, it’s also available as a triple LP.

Video: The Beginning – Mother

BBC Genesis Broadcast is a comprehensive collection of promotional material from one of the best-selling artists of all time and one of the UK’s most famous international bands. 5x CD available with 53 tracks, 3x LP with 24 tracks.

The Beginning – BBC Broadcasting

This collection represents the best Genesis recordings made by the BBC between 1970 and 1998. It includes contributions from Peter Gabriel, Phil Collins and Ray Wilson. Includes notes by author Michael Hann and a 40-page booklet BBC broadcasts favorites like Home by the Sea, Mother, Duchess, Carpet Crawlers, No Son of Mine or Turn It On Again.

Genesis at The Vinylist

The beginning was repeatedLive at the Royal Albert Hall
Steve Hackett’s albumsSilent Surrender

Since only a few names have been officially released so far, it is BBC broadcasts a cornucopia for collectors and can also be described as the “greatest alternative beats”. From the band’s early days to performances on Night Journey and John Peel at the Knebworth shows (78 and 92) as well as the famous London Lyceum show in 1980 and the triumphant, sold-out Wembley Stadium show in 1987. Rounding out the material are videos from NEC 1998 with Paris Theater and Nightride Sessions from the early 70s, plus an encore version of Space Observer at the Wembley Empire Pool in 1975.

Playlist Start – BBC Broadcast (Vinyl)


  1. Music box – Paris 1972
  2. Crying – Sounds of the ’70s 1971
  3. Harlequin-Peel January 1972
  4. Harold The Barrel-Peel September 1972
  5. Out By Friday – Peel Sept 1972
  6. Sky Watcher – In Concert 1975
  7. Dancing with The Moonlit Knight – Lyceum 1980
  8. Carpet Crawlers – Lyceum 1980


  1. Behind the Lines – Lyceum 1980
  2. Duchess – Lyceum 1980
  3. Audio Guide – Lyceum 1980
  4. Dukes Travels-Lyceum 1980
  5. Duke’s End – Lyceum 1980
  6. Say It’s Okay Joe – Lyceum 1980
  7. The Lady Lies – Lyceum 1980
  8. I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe) – Lyceum 1980


  1. Mother – Wembley 1987
  2. That’s it – Wembley 1987
  3. Home By The Sea – Wembley 1987
  4. Second Home – Wembley 1987
  5. Throwing It Away – Wembley 1987
  6. No Son of Mine-Knebworth
  7. Driving the Last Spike-Knebworth

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