Genesis Owusu Announces New LP – ByteFM

Genesis Owusu Announces New LP – ByteFM

Genesis Owusu presents a strategy for the existence of the person who exists on his second album “Struggler” (Photo: Bec Parsons)

Ghanaian and Australian rapper Genesis Owusu has announced his second album with the song “Leaving The Light”. “Struggler” will be released in August 2023, a good two years after Owusu’s debut single “Smiling With No Teeth”. Since this interesting period, the former President of the United States Barack Obama has been among the fans of the MC from Canberra. When a musician appears on Obama’s playlist, it’s usually related to a popular political, social or cultural message. Two common threads ran through the LP: addressing racism and Owusu’s personal struggle with depression. Musically, Owusu has always displayed a wide range that is rare in hip-hop – or pop in general. It is fitting that his role models include Jimi Hendrix, Prince and Frank Ocean. Not because he looks like them, but because he has an open ear for unusual influences.

After contrasting the heartbreaking melancholy with the beautiful production of John Carroll Kirby in the sample contribution “Hole Heart”, now it’s time for a new chapter. While Owusu’s first album revealed his fears and struggles, “Struggler” is about overcoming those struggles. The title of the album describes a person struggling, struggling, fighting something. For Owusu, “strugglers” are also people running “through an absurd world with nowhere to go or why”. “Just a beautiful internal rhythm that screams for them to survive the plague and the lightning from above. The beetle just keeps scratching.”

Genesis Owusu’s album “Struggler” will be released on August 18, 2023 on Ourness label. “Leaving The Light”, previously released as a single, is our song today. Listen and watch here:

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