Genesis: With tears coming out of my eyes, I saw old Phil Collins

Genesis: With tears coming out of my eyes, I saw old Phil Collins

Mold age comes with a known and loved world and a world where you have to do certain things because it’s the last time you can do them. For example the beginning see live again. All three members of the band are over 70 years old, Phil Collins’s health is a disaster. After a period of heavy drinking since the early hours of the morning, a failed back surgery that left him unable to play drums, depression caused by the complete destruction of his marriage, the news that he would revisit Genesis was almost a miracle. Six months earlier I would have bet my house and my yard that this would never happen.

What motivates three millionaires, who can live better off royalties from their hit singles from the 1990s than all German orthodontists combined, to do it all over again? 14 years since the last tour in 2007, which came as a surprise after Phil Collins left at short notice, there was no response. In the end, although it may seem cute and romantic, it was probably friendship.

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According to those in the know, Tony Smith, the retired manager of Genesis, could no longer tolerate the weakness of the leader and started playing drums again in the style of the “Blues Brothers”. Mike Rutherford, who hung out with Cricket and his tearjerker combo Mike and the Mechanics, and Tony Banks, the sole lead songwriter, agreed. The tour should give Collins a job, a new confidence to face life. But then came, of course, Corona.

When the dates of the British tour “The Last Domino?” were released in March 2020, a few days after Corona stopped social life in Germany for the first time and we all thought it was just a phase, I had started booking. ticket. In the end there should be eight in total, for Dublin, Belfast, Glasgow, Manchester, Leeds and three for London, including many flights, hotel stays, PCR tests in Germany and England, and the second vaccine I requested, but not you. as a person who has recovered in Germany he has the right, but it is necessary to enter England.

I ended up seeing one concert – and it was a sad one: the first night of two shows in Glasgow. The tour was canceled the next morning – two members of the band, the wife and the technician were infected despite the full protection of vaccinations.

My relationship with Genesis can best be described as ambivalent. For four decades I’ve enjoyed the band’s early days with Peter Gabriel, revere the early years with Phil Collins, and despised the late work like polkas with unpronounceable lyrics like “Invisible Touch,” “We Can’t Dance,” even the acclaimed . The “severeness” of “The Land of Chaos” makes my fist clench in my pocket. But because a love that hurts like a broken jar is the most enduring, because a brief glimpse of the greatness of the past is still better than darkness, because I can sing to every line that Genesis ever wrote and man always believes in good, he was involved with the demimonde.

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Worried that tickets might sell out in minutes, I booked tickets for Manchester and Leeds at astronomical prices from an online intermediary, who can only go ahead of the official sale because they don’t sell tickets, but options are sold. The company is guessing that some people will return their tickets at normal price, keep them safe and sell them at a higher price to people like me.

A dangerous game for the customer, which is why I ordered more official tickets in the next few days: Two for London, because there might be a slight chance that original members Steve Hackett and Peter Gabriel would take the stage for a song or two. , and one in Glasgow, the scheduled end of the tour. However, there was only the so-called “Fan Package”. A very good place, with a bag full of plastic rubbish like passports and fake cards and a game of dominoes. Cost: 375 euros.

Mike Rutherford, Phil Collins and Tony Banks on stage in Glasgow

Mike Rutherford, Phil Collins and Tony Banks on stage in Glasgow

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It was around this time that the first lists were leaked from practice. And it didn’t all look bad: a lot of material that the band hadn’t played in many, many years, even early masterpieces like “Music Box” and hits like “abacab” were in the drawer. The hope was that Collins’ vulnerability might lend some appeal to rough songs like All That. That this is possible was already shown on his last solo tour. Everything looked very promising. But “The Last Domino?” it was no less than a lucky star. Singers of “The Last Domino?” The tour was called: Alter, Corona and Boris Johnson.

The tour was moved from fall 2020 to spring 2021 and then again from spring 2021 to 2021.

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Members of former British pop group Genesis (lr) Phil Collins, Tony Banks and Mike Rutherford in London on November 23, 2001. fs12 fs16Phil Collins (49), a British pop singer, may consider playing again with his old band Genesis.  He was willing to work with former colleagues, he said, according to a November 2000 report by Britain's PA news agency. "I've always said that me, Tony (Banks) and Mike (Rutherford) get along really well and I'd love to see us do something together again." Whether this will go under the name Genesis is another question. "That would immediately put us in a certain context and prevent us from doing anything other than Genesis", he said.  |

The epidemic spread in England, not worse but more persistent than in the rest of Europe. The locks were tighter, getting in was sometimes impossible. Now it was no longer just about getting tickets, but about whether and how you could get to the concerts.

When England celebrated “Independence Day”, I breathed a sigh of relief, but only briefly: the entry requirements still required a valid corona test, a second vaccination, a test prepared to be taken in the country, the completion of a detailed “Passenger Identification Form” and – to be on the safe side – it’s all backed up in the “Verifly” app.

All my life I have traveled after the band, to Holland, France, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Poland, England, USA, Mexico again and again. Being able to do this easily has always seemed natural to me. Now, looking anxiously at the rules and regulations, Corona has shown me the happy world of freedom we lived in before the virus.

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Huge collection of vinyl records

Not only the dates of the concerts, but also the order had changed due to the relocation. I ordered a new ticket to Dublin because the first concert was supposed to take place there, I finally booked a hotel and flight, also for the third concert in London which is now planned. Then Dublin was postponed due to new requirements, everything from scratch: tickets, hotels and flights to Belfast – at the moment, and at the same time when I did everything and the publications were in front of me, this festival was also canceled: Northern Ireland had events all the big ones are banned again.

Nothing was right in Glasgow. With tears in my eyes, I saw Collins in his chair, an old man in a tracksuit, missing cues, stumbling through commercials, singing more than the lyrics and key, annoying and sad every second. With an unusual band, passing and fast, as if trying to finish this quickly. There is nothing left of the great feeling that one had got from the bootleg videos of the first shows, for the UK “Rolling Stone” even “the best comeback in recent history”. Well, everyone can have a bad evening. My hope was three concerts in London in the next week.

But even during the concert, the band knew that there had been good tests. So you kept your distance. Maybe in supermarkets. But not on stage. But I didn’t know.

When I landed in Berlin the next day and turned on my cell phone, 65 new messages flashed in our Genesis WhatsApp group. Only one topic: infection in the band, immediate stoppage of the tour, postponement of the London concerts until the end of the day. If the US tour were to take place in November. What? did i get to see the last genesis concert in glasgow?

A text message interrupted the dream

I was tired, I went to sleep. The ringing of the text message woke me up. The NHS told me I would be under 10 days of quarantine and isolation for sitting next to someone who had tested positive on the flight to Glasgow. The London concerts, if they happened, would be out of my reach anyway.

Corona affects everyone. In one way or another.

Lifelong fan: writer Peter Huth with a rare Genesis maxi single he bought for €3000

Lifelong fan: writer Peter Huth with a rare Genesis maxi single he bought for €3000

Source: Marlene Gawrisch / WORLD