Germans save especially on gastronomy – Economy & Volkswagen – News

Germans save especially on gastronomy – Economy & Volkswagen – News

Given the rapid inflation, consumers in Germany clearly prefer to save on restaurant visits and food delivery services.

In an international survey conducted by the Boston Consulting Group (BCG), 62 percent of respondents in Germany said that they eat out very rarely. Delivery services suffer the most: 68 percent rarely order food and/or drinks at home. Almost two-thirds also said that they were taking out small consumer loans.

BCG had a total of 9,200 consumers in Germany, France, the UK and the US surveyed. According to this, people save for consumption everywhere, but not to the same extent in every area. According to the survey, Germans tend to save on gastronomy. 30 percent of Americans say they eat out regularly.

Half of Germans have a bad financial situation

According to the survey, a majority of 87 percent on average are concerned about inflation in all four countries. On an international average, 55 percent said that they were in a worse financial situation than six months earlier – in Germany it was 53 percent. The question was asked in August. However, inflation rates are relatively high in all four countries.

In other respects, consumers are responding in the same way: in each of the four countries, more than two-thirds said they pay more attention to special offers. The optimism is also comparable in one respect: On an international average, 92 percent said that they think their job is safe, with only slight deviations from country to country.