GERMANY.  In 2024, Audi will start selling electric cars directly.  Old fashioned fatigue

GERMANY. In 2024, Audi will start selling electric cars directly. Old fashioned fatigue

Next year, Audi will start offering electric cars directly to customers in Germany, with only a small number going through showrooms., the weekly newspaper Automobilwoche discovered. A new sales model will be introduced in the brand’s country of origin. Salons will receive a fixed commission of 6 percent of the price and an additional bonus of 1.5 to 2.5 percent of the purchase value. Traders will not be able to buy electronic devices from the manufacturer and supply them later themselves.

Audi showrooms in Germany only as resellers

A new model of cooperation with showroom owners has just been discussed and its implementation is scheduled for January 1, 2024 (the source; behind the paywall). The procedure only applies to electric vehicles Audi, combustion engines will be produced in the old way. The customer will only be able to calculate the discount agreed by the manufacturer, because the seller will no longer be a party to the contract. The initial salon bonus of 2.5 percent will be gradually reduced to 1.5 percent of the final transaction amount. An Audi dealer quoted by Automobilwoche considers the outcome of the talks to be “good”.

German salons Volkswagen they receive a 4 percent commission plus a 2 percent bonus for each electrician, reports Automotive News Europe. Mercedes is launching an agency model this month (May 2023), accepting a 6.5 percent commission, which is expected to drop to 6 percent over time. It will be sold for the same deal Smart. In Volkswagen’s concern, it has not yet changed the new cooperation mechanism Skodawhose representatives negotiate the rates.

BMW does not want to change the model of cooperation with the salon until 2026, when it will give a commission of 5.5 percent of the salon along with various extras, which is to increase to 7.4 percent of the final value of the transaction. Renault he does not want to change this type of sales at all, he believes that the hundreds of millions of euros stored in waiting cars for customers is too risky in relation to the current model.

Opening photo: model, Audi A6 e-tron Estate/Avant (c) Audi

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