Gf Vip 7, eliminated Vipponi reveals what the reality show gave them (and took away)

Gf Vip 7, eliminated Vipponi reveals what the reality show gave them (and took away)

After the adventure within At home of Gf Vip 7Some of the eliminated have taken an evaluation of their experience in the reality show.

He intervened on the pages of About NewspapersVipponi have revealed what the reality show has given them and what it has taken away from them.

Geneva Lamborghini said:

The GfVip it didn’t take anything away from me. Maybe privacy because I’m recognized by someone when I’m on the street or shopping? It’s not a bad thing at all. On the other hand, it has given me a multitude of things that I struggle to list: it has helped me focus as a person, personally, relationally and even in relation to the world. It was an immersive journey, it was a wonderful journey for me and it still is. And the results are also positive. If he gave it to me Antonino Spinalbese? Of course, I put him by default, he’s nice, he’s tender and he opened up to me saying: “I’m not like that for everyone”. And then I feel welcome in her house of women.

The main characters of the issue too Pamela Prati And Marco Bellavia.

There Diva revealed:

The GfVip he just gave me, he didn’t take anything from me. I got naked and the guys understood, I will always be grateful Alfonso Signorini for wanting me. The public understood my weakness, but also my irony. This experience gave me joie de vivre, I often felt like a little girl on the playground. I narrated this experience in the song, Diva. Marco Bellavia he is a good soul, same as mine. We know each other and, however, there will always be in my life. He is a good man, a good father, I am glad to meet him.

Marco instead he said:

The GfVip it deprived me of peace and sleep when I was in the house, but it did not last long. In those few days I tried to share my experience and people appreciated it, I received a lot of love. It took my chance to win, but it gave me a chance to meet Pamela Prati. We know each other, even though we live in two different cities. My assessment is positive, I believe that my disruption in Parliament has allowed us to talk about unusual problems with a reality show and I am proud of it.

Former Tronista Luca Salatino Instead he admitted:

It drained my health (no, come on, just kidding!). It took away my love: I thought that if the reality show was not so difficult on an internal level, instead… There you are alone with yourself, in a crisis you can only rely on yourself, you have to search and find resources within yourself. . What it gives you is the opposite of a medal: it strengthens you internally and teaches you to compare yourself to others. And don’t mix with people you don’t know…

at the end, Dan Saberwhich has not failed to cause debate within At home in some of his sentences, he explained:

For me Big brother Vip it was a wonderful thing that gave me the opportunity to put myself in the spotlight. What took me away was that some of my expressions said in a “simple” way (he spoke Russian President Putin saying “he is my best man”, ed) were emphasized by the newspapers: I didn’t really want to refer. war, it was a different context.