Ghost away from being a ghost at Halle Tony Garnier

Ghost away from being a ghost at Halle Tony Garnier

Ghost away from being a ghost at Halle Tony Garnier

Go back for a date that will be remembered for a long time.

Tuesday May 22, Lyon, 7.45 pm The evening opens with Spirit box. Although the training is Canadian and therefore not the territory of The voice of Brit, a few words: they are used to opening for the evening headline, the quartet is more than comfortable. Despite the difficult sound at first but not surprising for the first part, the balance will be quickly found to allow a good warm-up of the room. The sound manager is being kept in great shape by his musicians (including one who broke his leg since the first concert of the tour…which was the day before!), and very nice Hysteria it will mark the end of a very interesting set.

So yes, Spirtibox not British, but… Spirit neither! So what is it The voice of Brit in that area? Well, the answer is certainly far-fetched, but it is characterized by existing ones: Nameless Ghouls responsible for accompanying the principal Pope Emeritus he welcomed a certain Englishman among them by the name of Christ the Catalystmulti-instrumentalist in charge of rhythm guitar.

So once again we are in Halle Tony Garnieras it was recently Recruited to Serve in the first part of Gojira. We are happy to collaborate with the Metal Community again, even with cosplayers (the group is very popular on TikTok)

9:00 pm sharp, the show can start. Introduction Dollar it ends, then Caesarion sound and the black curtain descends to reveal the great cathedral which we will place in the background throughout.

Spirit, is a visual and auditory spectacle. The lighting game is absolutely amazing, especially thanks to their device that ignores the action. Synchronization with music is cleverly thought out to produce results almost unheard of at this level.

The set list also spoiled us. This time Imperatourthe band of course gave us many songs from their latest album, Impera. But not only. better Meliora And Prequel they are also respected, which pleased the fans of the first hour. The band released an EP of covers on May 19, which includes Jesus knows me British from The beginning. The title was also played in the middle of the concert.

Singer Tobias Forge he interacted with his audience several times, always with a touch of humor that complimented their performance. We are gradually approaching the end of the festival, and we are clearly not at the end of our surprise. What a show on the chain He is / Miasmawhere the fictional character Father Nihil he is brought on stage to play his best saxophone solo. Then Mary of the Cross sung in unison by the whole room, it amazes us. Finally, Mummy Dust it rains confetti and Relax at the Spital Gardens close this concert…

…in the end, it was not counting the last 3 nuggets that the group left for us as a souvenir. Our beloved Pope wears his last robe decorated with rhinestones and stripes Kiss the Goat, Dance of Death and glorious Square Hammer. Smoke, pyrotechnics, a shower of sparks, the group shows us one last time before greeting the people of Lyon. What an ending!

Here, after 1h45 of the show, we come out surprised by what we have been given Spirit. The musicians are very talented and Tobias Forge he monopolizes all our attention because his charm and his voice cover us. The music is good and the show is good, thanks to them!

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keep a list

Ways to spill
Hunter’s Moon

Jesus knows me (The beginning cover)
Call me Little Sunshine
Con Clavi Con Dio
Observer in the Sky
Year zero
He is
Mary of the Cross
Mummy Dust
Relax in Spitalfields


Kiss the Goat
Dance of Death
Square Hammer