Giada Russo died in the accident, arrested the person who rented the Porsche to her friend Martina Mucci

Giada Russo died in the accident, arrested the person who rented the Porsche to her friend Martina Mucci

There is a second arrest for the tragic death of a 21-year-old young man from Rosignano, who died in a fatal accident in the Livorno area in September 2017. He is the person who allegedly facilitated the rental of the power car driven by the victim. friend: Martina Mucci never got her license and would never have been able to drive a Porsche anyway.

In addition to the friend driving the car, there is another arrest for the death of Jade Russoa girl who died between 23 and 24 September 2017 at the age of 21 in road accident between Donoratico and San Vincenzoin the state of Leghorn.

In fact, the carabinieri took him to prison Francis L.the origin of Castelnuovo Garfagnana (Lucca) and is accused of renting Porsche then led by Martina Mucci, was arrested a few days ago by the Carabinieri of Cecina to serve a prison sentence of 4 years and 8 months for traffic killingsthe sentence that became final after various levels of sentence.

The Carabinieri arrested him and already led him inside jail in Pisa. According to what was said, the man would not appeal. Must discount seven years. The man was arrested in Ferrara, where he had moved for some time. He had found a job.

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As confirmed by the survey, Martina Mucci19 years old at the time, he should not have been behind the wheel of a luxury car for two reasons: the first is that he didn’t have a license driving and apparently traveling with a false document. The second is that, since he is theoretically a novice driver, he could not drive one that powerful machine, more than three hundred horsepower.

In fact, the Carabinieri of Donoratico, following the results, discovered that Giada Rossi’s friend was renting. cars with big engines which led and driving license found to be false in which has never been reached. According to the investigation, the rental of the Porsche in which Giada was traveling was facilitated by Francesco L. who was the guarantor.

Chiara Russo, Giada’s sister, commented on Facebook about the news of the arrest of Martina Mucci: “There are no words that can describe what has been torn inside me, the conflict between the joy of doing justice and the revived pain of the trauma I lived. One thing. I can tell you , now my sister can rest in peace, I have been waiting for 5 years”.