Ginevra Lamborghini, no bra for her: you can see everything there and the internet is going crazy

Ginevra Lamborghini, no bra for her: you can see everything there and the internet is going crazy

Ginevra Lamborghini’s deliberate carelessness, fans do not believe, the beautiful singer forgets her bra.

Someone knows her only recently or at least knew that she was the sister of the same heiress, Elettra Lamborghini. She, will turn 31 next September and is a beautiful brunette, Geneva Lamborghini, also a TV personality, an heiress and most of all, a beauty. In recent months, he has certainly had an opportunity to promote himself.

Geneva Lamborghini (Instagram – MondoFuoristrada)

First, because the lovely brunette participated in the latest edition of VIP Big Brother, and then because he got more popular, he started sharing more and more posts on Instagram. Now the public is literally loving her and her curves are becoming more and more visible. Even Ginevra now wants her own public space and it seems that from the pictures she posts she is very close to her sister too, in terms of social numbers.

Geneva Lamborghini is naked below: fans rejoice

Of course, the beautiful Elettra has been working on this feature for a long time and is now gaining ground, but currently the beautiful Geneva can say that she has 285,000 followers which is not bad as a starting point. Speaking of famous relationships, there would be bad blood between him and his younger sister. Thanks to the gossip headlines, many already knew that the two sisters had not reconciled for a long time and also that Guinevere would not go to the wedding of Electra and Afrojack, but without knowing either side of the bell.

Instead, when it came to GF, the Class of ’92 put up its mark, saying they were never invited. This certainly did not please Elettra who made it clear that certain things should not be said in public. In short, it was definitely not a good move, if you want to make peace. And his love? The last one we know of, that of Antonino Spinalbese, has already expired for some time. For now, Geneva would still be waiting for the right person.

Geneva Lamborghini ( – ‚Äč‚ÄčInstagram)

It will certainly not be difficult to make them fall in love, due to her beauty and attractive body. Despite that, he has already turned the heads of hundreds of thousands of fans, and today he decided to do it again with a new post. The beautiful heiress and former gieffina wants to highlight her shapes and do it in the best possible way. Tight shirt and no underwear underneath. This way they are completely visible shapes and details of his killer A-side. The fans are in a real rapture. This time, the 30-year-old beauty went too far.