Gironde: this emblematic association of Cadillac is threatened with extinction

Gironde: this emblematic association of Cadillac is threatened with extinction

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It inaugurated its new premises on Saturday November 20, 2021. The amazing computer club from Cadillac (Gironde) took up residence on the rue Claude Bouchet, near the library. But this last day may disappear, because of the lack of money. To try to save the furniture, the association “@Toutclic” was launched online prize pool.

The one that was formed in 1980 has become an important party for the city. Because, today, it is impossible to deny: the world is connected. Here, we are passionate about digital tools to give them a second life.

A hundred people helped

They pass through the hands of the magician Yann Marcotte, the guild’s mechanic, and the equipment has the right to second place. But not only. We are also here to learn, with the one who is “the soul of this project”, Corinne Hébert “whose passion for digital education is only matched by her legendary patience. Through powerful workshops, she leads the elderly towards independence,” remember the volunteers.

The coalition is driven by a strong belief: that digital technology should be accessible to all. About one hundred people have been supported since the start of the cooperative structure activities. It’s nothing.

Prize pool to save the club

“Despite the victory, a great challenge stands in our way today. Continuing to write this story becomes difficult: the financial winds are unpredictable, says the party. Today, at the dawn of a possible farewell, we launch a smart call for solidarity. Our crowdfunding campaign not only about financial goals; it aims to protect essential services in the South Gironde ».

An online fundraiser has been launched and has already raised 210 euros to save @toutclic, at any cost.