GM: ,000 refunded to customers for Bolts, but maintains “no complaints”

GM: $6,000 refunded to customers for Bolts, but maintains “no complaints”

There Chevrolet Bolt is one of the electric cars that has been talked about a lot and will continue to do so, not only with great appeal among Many and more expensive BEVs recall. But also for $6,000 bonus which the House has provided to customers. Good news for the ears of new owners of a car that has been inspected, software updates for battery fuel management, a ban on unexpected parking and finally a recall. To rebuild confidence in buyers, General Motors has slashed the price of the 2023 Bolt, which would not go down well with those who paid full price and “suffered” to even remember. The solution? A big bonus and a promise not to take legal action, which in the USA is more active and better for consumer rights. Here is the whole story.


As Jalopnik reportswhich also reported a statement from a General Motors spokesperson on the matter, The Chevrolet Bolt cost about $1 billion in the memory of cars for LG Chem battery replacement defect. Meanwhile the assembly plant was stopped, waiting for the battery supplier to provide an efficient solution for the new models as well. After restarting, the ad that potential buyers would like to read arrives: price of sales of the Chevrolet Bolt reduced by $5,000which it always is $6,000 is turned off for Chevrolet Bolt EUV. The obstacle lies in the desire of those who have already bought an electric car at full price and experienced known problems. And GM has given them the same discount, but with a promise to deliver.


Get it bonus up to $6000, Chevrolet Bolt owners must connect through the official website of the Brand and enter the VIN. Then accept some”Terms and Conditions” which generally comes up without even giving it much importance. However, one of the most curious owners has read them and found that it is not a simple discount, but it is true legal agreement. The provisions of this contract actually require customers that:

“By accepting this Release however, I, whether on behalf of myself or on behalf of my heirs, agents, employees, beneficiaries, legal representatives, assigns, executors, successors and administrators, I hereby waive all claims, damages or causes of action, whether known or unknownregardless of the legal or equitable theory, which I may have now or in the future arising out of or in any way related to my Bolt vehicles, for battery failure or battery memory and including any claims or rights I may have related to the class action”.


The case really exploded in America and General Motors entered in a statement posted via Jalopnik: “The repayment plan agreement contains language that waives claims against GM and specifies existing claims. This is standard practice when it comes to programs like this. It does not waive claims involving possible future recalls.”. Even in monopolistic lines, the situation seems more complicated. Who knows if this clause will be willingly accepted by customers or will end up in the middle of the US class action that GM seems to want to avoid.