Gmc: 25 Cops To Help Gmc During Razing Drives | Ghaziabad News

Gmc: 25 Cops To Help Gmc During Razing Drives | Ghaziabad News

Ghaziabad Police Department Deploys 25 Officers to Assist During Demolition Drives

The Ghaziabad Police Department has appointed 25 officers to assist in demolition drives in the area. The move is in response to the increasing number of illegal constructions that are occurring in the city.

The Police Commissioner said the officers will be deployed in groups of five to help the Ghaziabad Municipal Corporation (GMC) in their efforts to remove any illegal constructions. He noted that the officers would be equipped with appropriate resources to ensure the safety of the GMC personnel and the public during the exercise.

The commissioner further stated that the officers will ensure that the demolition process is conducted in a peaceful manner and that the public is not disturbed by any untoward incidents. He added that the officers will also act as a deterrent to those involved in illegal constructions.

The police department is also taking measures to provide legal assistance to those affected by the demolitions. It has set up a helpline for people to call in case they encounter any problems during the process. The helpline is available 24 hours a day and is staffed with police personnel who can provide legal advice.

The police commissioner said that the move is a necessary step in curbing illegal constructions in the city and will help ensure the safety of the public. He urged citizens to cooperate with the GMC and the police department during the demolitions and to report any illegal activities to the police.