GMC exhibits Hummer electric vehicle variant of 483 kilometers – Photo and audio – News

GMC exhibits Hummer electric vehicle variant of 483 kilometers – Photo and audio – News

The reason is driving with renewable energy, but comparing it to Prius is not the same … I don’t know how to react to this …
You also have a PHEV Prius for a long time.

The fact that your car is always full includes, at the same time refueling takes a little longer. In addition, many people have to move their car farther away, because they cannot charge in front of the door. So in the end this bad thing goes to some people.
Profits are still the same as Prius, and most of the owners have the same incentives. You also see, like Prius, that Tesla drivers want to drive efficiently.

Buyers of the Impreza series and M of course have an interaction, i.e. they want something sporty. Let us take it more seriously. How many Ferrari drivers do you think drive safely? That compared to saying Volkswagen Up drivers?
No, that doesn’t mean there are no Up drivers driving very fast, or Ferrari drivers driving very slowly, but on average there is a big difference, and I don’t need to see a number about it.

Teslas have declined in large numbers because of the ridiculous benefits from the government, when this ended, renting also dropped significantly (Tesla left. 31k cars in 2019, up to 9k in 2020

So many people who took Tesla is because it was so profitable to take. Now that this benefit has passed, you now find people who want to pay the price for this car. And those are the people who choose this car more carefully than others. That attracts a slightly different group.

This is an important note, because electricity is very popular, and it sells more than gasoline I know. That means that the target group will remain electric, simply because Tesla is more expensive, they choose another electric car, and they are generally slower than Tesla. Where model 3 can already reach one hundred in 3.3 seconds, ID3 is already doing 7.3 on this, and that makes it 1 faster.
So it is clear to see that the beneficiaries do not immediately care about electricity.

Your argument about Hummer is incorrect, because I agree that the Hummer driver is not too busy to look like a speeding demon, but on the other hand, it is also because Hummer cannot do this. The 6 liter V8 it took 9.8 seconds, and about 150. Then you can have a large (real) bowl, but not fast.
This electric Hummer will do this in less than 4 seconds, and the target buyers of this car do not care about the environment, they do not care about being anonymous, not about the quiet citizens.
This is where you find the bracelet, and the target group pulls in as much as possible.

The beneficiaries who buy this are closer to BMW M buyers than electric car buyers.