GMC is rejecting all Hummer EV orders

GMC is rejecting all Hummer EV orders

With Hummer EV cardboard sales, GMC finds itself stuck: the American company can no longer honor orders. The solution? Order books are temporarily closed.

The GMC Hummer EV is becoming one of the most important vehicles from the American brand in a long time. Customers can’t wait to get their hands on their new car. The Hummer EV has nothing to do with its predecessors. Modern, high-tech, classy, ​​different from the previous generation. The Hummer EV has proven to be so popular that it recently achieved an impressive milestone: GMC reached 90,0000 reservations. There’s one big problem though: GMC can’t build them fast enough. To manage demand, GMC has now officially ended reservations for the Hummer EV until the brand can come up with a plan B.

Demand for the Hummer EV is very strong, despite a big price increase in July. GMC can’t live up to its car’s popularity. In a statement, GMC spokesman Mikhael Farah said the high demand “resulted in more than 90,000 reservations for electric pickups and SUVsand we are pleased to say that this incredible demand has resulted in the Hummer EV order books being full at this time.”

One day back?

Since its first launch, Hummer EV has become very popular. The first edition, aptly named “Edition 1”, sold out in just a few hours. The 1st Edition wasn’t cheap though: prices started at $105,595. “We made Version 1 and shipped them. Therefore, a small amount of them is put on the market. We have 90,000 people waiting to get a Hummer. We create and ship every day from Factory Zero, but it’s not enough. When the brand can reopen the order books, we will let you know. There will be more to come”the brand said.

The 90,000 reserve includes the 1st Edition, EV 2, which costs $84,650, the EV 2X, priced at $94,650 and the top-of-the-line EV 3X, which retails for $104,650.. If you already have a reservation voucher, be prepared for a long wait: according to GMC, some customers will only pick up their cars at the beginning of the year… 2024!