GMC Sierra EV: characteristics, design, range

GMC Sierra EV: characteristics, design, range

Everything you should know about the Silverado’s cousin.

There GMC Sierra EV2024 it’s an electric version of GMC’s pickup, one that will take on its Silverado cousin and other upcoming competitors, including Ford’s F-150 Lightning, which is already on the road.

GMC Sierra EV: characteristics, design, range

Style and architecture

As we saw with the Chevrolet Silverado EV, General Motors (GM) wants to offer electric pickup trucks that are instantly recognizable and distinguishable from combustion engines. So, design The Sierra EV is consistent with this philosophy, even if the brand’s signature is recognizable.

Note the “grille” that rises with the bonnet and provides access to the front luggage compartment, as well as the absence of a separation between the bodywork and the passenger compartment.

In fact, it suggests a structure more like a single body than a frame, but in fact it isUltium Architecture, a brand new body work. GMC promises that this will strengthen both and increase durability.

There is also an interesting way back, similar to that of Silverado. The 5-foot-11-inch long box can be extended to 9 feet when the wall separating the cab from the box is opened.

Additionally, by tilting the multifunction tailgate, the flat surface increases to 11 feet.

Note that the first Sierra EV (Denali Edition 1) will only be available as a crew car.


The first model provided the upper layers of leadership. So it is one that will provide more power in many respects. This is the case with the range, which GMC advertises as 400 miles, or so 644 kilometers. This freedom was a priority in the design of the car; figures respond to customer needs, according to designers.

Capacity is rated at 9500 pounds for towing, 1300 for payload. How about a row with a backsplash? Sierra EV chief engineer Nichole Kraatz confirmed that the additional horsepower required for towing would be the same as that required by a gasoline-powered model.

In other words, if the Sierra uses 30% more fuel in towing mode, it will lose 30% more range for the same operation as the EV variant.

We can’t wait to see it.