Good place for Antonio Felix da Costa

Good place for Antonio Felix da Costa

( – Antonio Felix da Costa (DS-Techeetah) was the fastest runner in qualifying for the tenth round of the 2022 Formula E World Championships at Circuit Moulay El Hassan in Marrakech on Saturday.

Antonio Felix da Costa won a qualification at Marrakech


In the final, the Portuguese got the lead in front of Edoardo Mortara (Venturi) early in the match, but wasted no time again, making things difficult. Eventually, however, Felix da Costa saved the 81,000-second lead on the finish line.

For the 2019/20 season champion, it was the first pole spot since Monaco 2021. Felix da Costa also celebrated his final victory in Formula E in this race. The Portuguese also finished last in Formula E in Marrakech and won the race.

The best German to qualify was Pascal Wehrlein (Porsche), who made it to the semi-finals after finishing third in Group B and winning the quarter-finals against Nick Cassidy (Envision). There he had to accept Mortara’s defeat. Fourth from the second row, where he will sit next to Ean-Eric Vergne (DS-Techeetah), the completion of the platform can be reached.

The championship leader, Stoffel Vandoorne (Mercedes), faced a challenge in qualifying. The Belgian was the fastest of 11 Group A players after failing in his last attempt. However, Vandoorne will not start the race from the finish line but from the qualifying round after Porsche driver Andre Lotterer was always fired for violating qualification procedures.

Stoffel Vandoorne and Andre Lotterer

Stoffel Vandoorne and Andre Lotterer had an unforgettable qualifying experience zoom

Lotterer did not run a coordinated cycle within the first six minutes of qualifying as required and was therefore eliminated. According to the team, the reason for the delay, according to Porsche Lotterer missed the 6-minute window for only 0.04 seconds, was a technical problem with the census.

This puts the German, who will switch from Formula E to Porsche’s long-distance program after this season, at the very bottom of the grid. However, Lotterer was only ninth.

Maximilian Günther (Nissan-e.dams) did not do well in qualifying for her 25th birthday as well. In Group A (after Lotterer’s dismissal) he did not cross the ninth position and accordingly will start from the ninth column of the grid, which will start at 18:00 at CEST.