“Goodbye Germany” star Konny Reimann is finally selling his beloved Cadillac

“Goodbye Germany” star Konny Reimann is finally selling his beloved Cadillac

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From: Julia Hanigk

The Reimann family immediately bought a Cadillac, they dreamed of the American dream. The stars of “Goodbye Germany” now live there, the car is in Germany. Now the car should go.

Hawaii – The Reimanns moved with “Goodbye Germany“from Germany to the USA. First we went to Texas, then we moved to Hawaii. There is always: Konny Reimann’s beloved Cadillac. Now he is saying goodbye to it and finally the car is for sale.

The Reimanns are coming to Germany again – in June we are going to Kiel Week

In their episode “Die Reimanns”, which is currently being rebroadcast on JOYN and Kabel1, Konny and Manu receive an invitation to go home. The two are due to go to Kiel Week in June, the last time they were in Germany was two years ago.

Konny has to say goodbye to his beloved Cadillac. © Screenshots Kabel1/Welcome to Reimanns

During this visit, Cadillac will also be sold, Konny explains. The car was rusted in the USA, “the weather was not good for the car,” explains Manu Reimann. So they both took it home – but since it’s just sitting there, it should go now.

Kiel Week

The so-called “Kiel Week” refers to the sailing regatta that takes place every year and attracts sailing enthusiasts from all over the world. The event has a long tradition: the competition has been held in Kiel since the 19th century. It is considered one of the biggest sporting events in the world.

The Reimanns are selling their Cadillac – it stood for their biggest dream

A tough move for the Reimanns. The two bought the car before immigrating to America – at that time they had the money to afford such a luxury for the first time. The two think aloud in front of the camera, you can also ask friends if anyone would like a car. An advertisement is also placed. Will the two find a buyer and will they actually be able to part with their car in June?

Reimann’s daughter Janina is currently threatened with great danger: she just had to carry the bare essentials. The Reimann family home is threatened by fire. Sources used: Kabel1/Welcome to Reimanns, wikipedia.de