Goodbye: Oh Tina – why the death of a pop star is so touching – home

Goodbye: Oh Tina – why the death of a pop star is so touching – home

“A death like this and the passing away associated with it is an event for many people to be sad, to go inside and see for themselves what has changed, everything – unlike before – is no longer there.”, says Buggert, who is a member. of the management board at the Rheingold Institute in Cologne and heads the media research department there. “Then depression occurs, which may also have something to do with current stresses, the way life is today – more unpredictable, and for many they are also full of fear for the future.”

Reflections for another time

When famous people from previous decades, from a time without the Internet, die, then this sadness will also be a return to a time “which was different, when many things seemed more indifferent than today,” says Buggert.

Tina Turner also played a role in the fact that she was a wonderful fighter who had a difficult life with her cruel ex-husband Ike or the death of her own children when she was still alive. “And he still fought. That’s also something that people see as a role model. And some can also relate that to today’s time, where we feel like we have to pull together and fight.”

Buggert also emphasizes in relation to Tina Turner: “What was always clear in the interview with her: Despite all the problems in her life, she always tried to remain optimistic. And it seems that she also found a very good way to deal with her age.”

retirement after work

Turner became spiritual in old age, said goodbye publicly, retired from his music career, retired. “These are all difficult stages of development in everyone’s life. But you can see in her as a model how to do it well – and also wonder how she did it.”

The idea that almost all the stars of the past are (allegedly) dead comes quickly, but that doesn’t make it right. Tina Turner’s death can be an occasion to listen to old hits, remember interesting songs from other big stars, choose old names instead of waiting for the next tragedy.

Millions of people around the world listen to Tina Turner’s songs as a tribute these days, but perhaps also consciously listen to the songs of the Rolling Stones, Abba, Genesis, Paul McCartney, Sting, Bruce Springsteen, Bryan Adams, Lionel Richie, Cyndi Lauper. or Sandra.