Google is planning a new car design –

Google is planning a new car design –

Android Automotive is becoming more widespread and more and more brands are relying on Google’s in-car software. Some are making way on Google and using the open source version, but Android Automotive has a bright future.

Back then, Google is working hard on Android Automotive and, just like smartphones and other devices, there’s always a new version. Version 13 is the current version, but version 14 should come in 2023.

Android Automotive and Best Design

This can bring up Android’s material design language, which then, among other things, also changes the colors in menus and in apps for certain things, such as the background image. There’s nothing like that on Android Automotive, so what does it look like here? Car manufacturers will probably be able to specify the color.

But not only that, the colors can be changed by the algorithm and a simple example of that change would be the driving mode. The appearance of the app already changes with many brands, for example when you select a performance mode. Android Automotive is also flexible.

It’s still unclear how and when we’ll see that in Android Automotive, but this week is Google I/O 2023 and I’d expect details there.

At the end of the day, of course, the question arises how much of this reaches the user, because OEMs change Android Automotive very strongly and this is not like for smartphones, where the bad design is basically very similar.

The OS looks quite different in Polestar or Renault, for example, and in Volkswagen AG it will probably also vary a lot for individual products. But something is happening in the design and that’s important, because the first versions of Android Automotive still look a little ordinary.

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